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Vancouver, CA


Everyone says life is too short. Incorrect! Life may not be completely fair, but short it’s not. I can help you understand why in just a few seconds.

I'll tell you what I think it is. It's the opportunity to explore, witness, and in many cases contribute to the sheer awesome that is the world we live in. I often ponder how our heads don't explode the second we wake up. I love life for all its subtle nuances, smack-you-in-face epiphanies, trusting friendships, and amazing memories that define who you are as a person, and what you'll end up doing next. Should I skull this beer and run naked across the highway? Hmnn... just a second, I'll be right back.

On finding a fork in the road, do you feel the same vomitus, gut-wrenching sensation that you will have to carry on NOT knowing what is down the other path, at least for some period of time? F#&k!

But maybe there is hope. In joining BucketList I've realized that this community is "my people" - and I'm going to share with you all my trials and tribulations, successes AND failures, and do my darndest to bring you along for the ride. How much to play, you ask? Just the promise that you'll share your best kept secrets as I do mine so we can all fully experience the finite time we are given. 

Life is not a box of chocolates. If it was, I'd be a fat bastard.