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Lucy Smith

Cheyenne, WY, USA


   I am an idiot and you should treat me as such. I have a twin sister, who's a stunt woman based in Los Angeles. My life though is considerably less exciting though, I'm a member of the Navy here in the lovely United States, although I'm originally Canadian, I've been adopted by Americans and lived my whole life as one. I have two kids, who I swear miss me to death half the time, since I'm so busy, and a dog. I've never been married and never plan to, so don't even ask :) I am though, always looking for adventure, and always drag everyone, from my best friend to my boyfriend (of sorts, it's an open relationship) to my sister, if I know you, I will drag you somewhere dumb in my off time. Me and my sister were separated at birth, so we try to make up for lost time by doing all these crazy things together now.