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Randy Beiner

Foster City, United States


I was born, raised, and educated in Switzerland and had always dreamed of moving to California. In fact, in 1991 during one of my last classes of business school in Zurich the teacher asked the class where we saw ourselves in five years? Most everyone talked about how they wanted to be successful entrepreneurs and start their own companies. My response was: "I want to move to California, get a work permit, drive my convertible on Sunset Boulevard and work in the travel industry". I remember everyone laughing at the absurdity of this statement but I ended up doing it all in three years, so I guess I had the last laugh! :-)

In 1994 I bought a book called "Super Self" by Charles Givens which was primarily focused on doubling ones personal effectiveness. I remember jumping straight to page 69 titled "Begin your life's blueprint with a Dreams List". In it Charles outlined the techniques of writing a dreams list which was based on the following concept: "If I had unlimited time, talent, money, knowledge, self-confidence and support from my family, here is a list of everything I would like to do with my life."

So on September 29, 1994, I sat on a park bench in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific Ocean and started my dream list, now also commonly referred to as the Bucket List.