• Jul 28, 2013

    I have visited a Hookah Lounge in India and in New York. It is so relaxing I love just chilling - smoking and drinking
  • Jul 28, 2013

    I rode an elephant in village in India.
  • Jul 28, 2013

    I went to Philadelphia and New York in March 2013 I went to Time's Square and it was lots of fun. I went with my American friend Sarah from Texas
  • Jul 28, 2013

    I would love to visit New Orleans - the Disney movie the Princess and the Frog has reminded me how much I want to visit this amazing city. I would preferably like to visit it during Mardis Gras and join in the celebrations and street fes...
  • Jul 28, 2013

    I think they are cool. It is something different, and it would be fun to pretend to act and try and figure out who was the killer.
  • Sep 16, 2011

    I really want to visit the Taj Mahal. This should hopefully be completed when I return from my trip to India this summer I am visiting New Delhi and I hear that it is not far from there so hopefully I will have a few days off on my study...
  • Sep 13, 2011

    I would love to go zip lining through a jungle. My friend did a zip line obstacle course in switzerland and my sister has done it down a mountain while skiing. I am so jealous and want to experience too :)   I went Zip Lining over M...
  • Jul 31, 2011

    It was at the Iron Maiden concert and it was amazing fun :) I lost my shoe though, and when the band threw a pick and drumsticks into the crowd we fell as everyone jumped and scrambled trying to get them. I had fun and would definitely d...
  • Jul 28, 2011

    I went to one in Belfast for my cousin's birthday. It was a really weird experience. It was sooo tickly I could barely keep my feet in at the start. When I eventually got used to it, it was fun. However, I did it just for the experience,...
  • Jul 24, 2011

    I met Stephen Lang when I was in Gettysburg. He was in Avatar, Public Enemies and Gettysburg as well as others :) Here is a picture of me with him Read More
  • Jul 24, 2011

    I lived in Gettysburg PA for 3 weeks when I worked in Gettysburg Civil War institute. It was amazing to have tours by experts. We are got to visit Gettysburg battle sites that are not open to the public. it was an amazing experience
  • Jul 17, 2011

    I saw the phantom of the Opera live in London and even got to meet the actor who played the phantom and get an autograph :)   I don't have a picture with him, but here is a pic of my friends with him Read More
  • Jul 16, 2011

    I have been lucky enough to go to a baseball game 2 out of the 3 times I went to America. The first time it was a big San Francisco game and the second time it was a minor league game in Pennsylvania but they were both good fun Read More
  • Jul 3, 2011

    I have been 3 years in a row. It's always good fun. One big rainbow coloured street party :)
  • Jun 28, 2011

    When I went to Edinburgh with my friends after we finished school we went to a foam party in a gay bar. All my clothes were ruined but it was great fun, I woud definitely attend another one but this time I would wear cheap/old clothes
  • Jun 28, 2011

    I went to my friends house about a week ago and we decided to make cinnamon pretzels. We watched a youtube video and it wasn't as difficult as I expected. However, trying to make the knot shape was difficult! I managed it a few times and...
  • Jun 28, 2011

    My friends and I went for a road trip round Northern Ireland and we found this amazing forest and we went for a walk around and stumbled across this waterfall. You are not actually allowed as close as we are in the picture but we climbed...
  • Jun 27, 2011

    I did this when I was like 7yrs with my family. I did not kiss the Blarney Stone. In fact I was soo scared of it that I wouldn't let my little sister kiss it either and cried when my family got in the queue to kiss it. I am not scared of...
  • Jun 25, 2011

    I regret clicking me too on this one as it is spelt incorrectly and I can change it. Anyway I have stars tattoo on my pelvis, I really like it but I also really want to get another one that means something I am in my pajamas but you can ...
  • Jun 25, 2011

    Went to New York for a day when in America last summer as we had time to kill before the flight. We went to Battery Park and saw the statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and went to the top of the Empire State Building Read More
  • Jun 24, 2011

    I have done this twice. First with my family when we visited relatives in California. It was a massive celebration with a BBQ and amazing fireworks. The second time was in Lancaster PA with other interns from the Gettysburg Civil War Ins...
  • Jun 24, 2011

    I have been skiing in Boston in Breton Woods And I have been skiing in the Alps in France http://www.flickr.com/photos/dmourati/2295802286/
  • Jun 24, 2011

    I went on a school choir trip to London. We saw The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. I loved the phantom of the Opera sooo much. The singing was fantastic and the staging was really impressive
  • Jun 24, 2011

      I visited Paris last summer with my family and it was amazing! We went up the Eiffel Tower, went to the L'arc de Triumphe, walked along the champs Elysee. We went to Notre Dame, quite a few art museums. We went on a bateaux mouche...
  • Jun 24, 2011

      Last summer I went as an Intern to Gettysburg Civil War Institute. They took us on a day trip to Washington D.C and we managed to pack in alot :) We saw Ford's Theatre, The Peterson House, Arlington Cemetery, the national archives...
  • Jun 24, 2011

    I have given blood twice so far and I intend to give blood as many times as I can :) I want to help people in my own small way
  • Jun 3, 2011

    I did this not that long ago. I made homemade peach cobbler and cinnamon ice cream It took soooo long as I didn't have an ice cream maker - it was a little too sweet but overall I was so proud I actually managed to make it!
  • Aug 18, 2010

    When I went to Paris with my family last Summer we visited Versailles. It was only for a day but it was fun going round the grounds pretending to be Marie Antionette :) The hall of mirrors was my favourite :) Read More
  • Jun 11, 2010

    When I was in America June 2010 we went to Lancaster and Intercourse PA. We had a tour of an Amish home and went in a horse drawn buggy round the town and we were told about Amish lifestyle and culture Read More
  • Jun 17, 2009

    I have done this once. Yes it was fun. However we were at a houseparty and drunk and someone put their head through the window in the front door when they went down the stairs. Oh and we cracked the stairs :/
  • Oct 22, 2008

    When I visited Rome with the school we tried limoncello in a little Italian shop where we also got penis shaped pasta and dessert pasta. I thought that limoncello was quite nice and my friend liked it so much she bought a bottle :)
  • Oct 9, 2008

    I went to Rome with the school when I was in upper 6th. We visited the Roman Forum, The spanish steps, The colosseum, the Pantheon, Visited Pompeii, Palatine Hill, Visited the Catacombs Also visited the Vatican, The Sistine Chapel and St...
  • Jul 17, 2008

    I saw them in Dublin with a few friends. Was amazing. the Eddie monster was soo cool. Trivium was the opening act. They were very good too :)
  • Feb 13, 2008

    For the school formal we got a limo from the house to the venue. I went with 8 friends and it was great fun. We got champagne and listened to music etc it was one of the best drives ever :)
  • Jul 9, 2007

    When we went to California and San Franscico we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. My dad actually drove and at the time I didn't think much of it but now that I'm older and actually drive I think I would find it really hard driving on...
  • Jun 10, 2007

    Tasted like garlic and was quite rubbery but not too bad, I would probably eat again. And I think it is important to try national/local foods it helps get a proper country experience :)  
  • Jun 8, 2006

    When we went to America a few years ago we went to Lake Shasta. And there we went waterskiing, wake boarding and swung from a rope into the water. It was soo much fun I would love to go back and do it all again. The water was nice and wa...
  • Mar 16, 2005

    I did this once when I went skiing in Breton Woods in Massachusetts. It was good fun, speeding down the mountain on an inflatable rubber ring :)
  • Jun 30, 1993

    This is like a 30min drive away from my house so I have been quite a few times - with family, friends, visitors and on geography field trips. Although it is so close and therefore loses its excitement factor it is still pretty cool :) I ...