• Apr 17, 2012

    Broke free of Facebook, for a good couple of months.Unfortunately I couldn't fully kick the habit, and a few months later I returned. I may not have kicked it for good, but i'm definitely less of an addict nowadays, and that's a win in m...
  • Apr 6, 2006

    I was never the biggest fan of needles, but two of my friends were going to give blood and I was roped into going along as well. When we got there, one friend had too much alcohol in his system and as such couldn't donate. With the other...
  • Oct 12, 2004

    Manual cars, are pretty much the norm in England. Passed my test on the 3rd attempt, not long before my 18th birthday
  • Feb 7, 2002

    Signed up to this, almost as soon as I left school. I believe everybody capable should donate, although I believe they should donate because they 'want' to as opposed, to it becoming compulsory