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When I had a paper route, there were a couple of times I was mentioned in the newspaper.

One night my District Manager, Al Swabb, took several of the paperboys to solicit new subscriptions. I went to a guest house to the rear of a home in Central Phoenix, when I heard weak cries for help. I was able to open the door and found a little old lady had fallen and had been on the floor for a couple of days. My District Manager called the police. An article in the Arizona Republic wrote an article about me finding the lady in need of help.

Another time, I had a paper route near a park in what was then "North Phoenix". As I delivered the newspapers on the street, I noticed a naked man emerging from the park. I did not deliver a couple of houses which was the last street on my route, but went to a coffee shop where several paperboys met for snacks to tell them what happened. As we were snacking, the naked man walked passed the coffee shop. The owner of the restaurant called the police and the police asked me to identify him. The next day there was an article in the paper about me being chased and identifying the naked man.

I can think of a few more instances of my being mentioned in the newspaper: when I made Assistant Cashier with United California Bank; when I made Assistant Vice President and Vice President with the bank; when I won two season tickets with the California Angels for naming the starting team one year and beating several others out by coming closest to guessing the home attendance for the first night.

There were a few more instances that I was mentioned in several newspapers because I was active officer in several organizations that posted articles about our events.

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