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On 18th April 2015 I did a colour run with Run or Dye at Platt Fields Park in Manchester. My friend Jen and I had tried to train for it, but hadn't been very successful. Our team name was 'Those four sweetcheeks' because we did have a team of four, but the other two let us down last minute. I thought Jen was going to cancel because she felt ill, but she managed to overcome it! We caught the 07:12 train and arrived in Manchester at 08:09. The bus stop was just over the street so we followed some other runners onto a bus and checked it was going to the right place. We arrived at Platt Fields Park at about 08:30 and we had until 10:00 to register and prepare ourselves. We got a rucksack with a T-shirt, wristband, number sign, temporary tattoo and bag of dye powder. I was happy because I was worried about carrying my things, but I was able to fit my handbag in the rucksack. Some people started using the dye powder before the race had started, but we saved ours. The race was not seen as a competition, so they let waves of people go at different times. Whilst we were waiting they threw freebies out into the crowds, but we didn't manage to catch anything. Jen had to go the toilet quite soon after we started, so we had a break. Considering I'd only ran a 5 kilometre race once before I think I did quite well although we did have to have regular walking breaks. There were different colour dye stations along the course where people throw dye powder over you. We managed to do the whole course in about 40 minutes including Jen's toilet break. Once everybody had finished there was a dye party near the stage, where the host sprayed powder on everyone using a machine and threw big cardboard boxes of dye into the crowds. Then there was a countdown and everybody who had bags of dye threw it over each other at the same time. It was fun, but I felt kind of bad for the mess that was left behind. At about 12:00 we went to Subway and then Jen took me to Manchester's Gay Village for the first time where I had a celebratory cider at Bar Pop. We caught the train home at around 14:00 and Jen fell asleep!

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