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The Vancouver Winter Olympic's were not only a fiery inferno of worldwide spirit and competition but, for me, a pivotal moment in which these flames forged the long lasting friendships I have today years later. I was for sure that annoying American that was chanting U-S-A whenever I got a chance, because why not? The Olympic spirit was in the air and everyone seemed to be bustling around trying to watch their country win a gold.  

It was also the first year I lived in Canada and I did not understand what hockey meant to these polite and welcoming people. Or at least, I didn't understand until, the USA- Canada games, especially the game win the USA beat Canada. It seemed that Vancouver went hiding or a deeper depression than usual further than the most rainy of days. I was confused, I was saying "Its just a game" to my friends and consoling their woes through their fine Canadian beers. But soon the day of redemption came, I remember walking up and down the Granville strip after that game winning goal. It was insane! A mass roar of thunder and happiness, a city was shaking in its core. 

That was the Olympic spirit you hear so much about and the Canadian pride in hockey that just could not be silence when the golden boy Crosby made that winning goal in overtime. Stuff of legends, stuff of dreams, Bucketlist check no doubt!



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