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I absolutely LOVE being a mother. One thing I pride myself in is I genuinly strive to be a great mother everyday. I am SO far from perfect, but my daughter knows that she is loved. I also know that when she looks back at her childhood, she is not going to remember the materialistic things-- but the memories. I would rather spoil her with experience and quality time than materialistic things. Thus, I created an A-ZĀ Mother-Daughter date challenge! 26 completely different dates for my incredibly special daughter! We spent last summer completeing our dates IN ORDER!

  • A- Ambition (Local restaurant w/ a really cool and unique atmosphere
  • B-Billy Beez (popular HUGE indoor playground)
  • C- Camping in the Backyard (in the backyard only because we were going in order and weren't going actual camping until the end of Summer)
  • D- DinnerĀ 
  • E- Exercise (Because Mom is a personal trainer and she's my mini me)
  • F- Fair
  • G- Great Escape (Theme Park -- Part of Six Flags)
  • H- Hiking
  • I- Ice Cream Date
  • J-Jazz on Jay (A local event -- held every Thursday throughout the summer where local musicians come and play live Jazz Music on Jay Street. A fellow friend/ personal trainer was also performing!)
  • K- Kayaking
  • L-Lake
  • M- Museum
  • N- Nail Salon (I picked a salon JUST for kids-- My babygirl felt soooo special and pampered!)
  • O- Open Door Bookstore ( Local Bookstore & supporting small businesses)
  • P- Picnic in the Park
  • Q- Quirky Restaurant (it was Hippie themed and amazing! I brought along my family-- including my mom-- a former Hippie )
  • R- Rollerskating
  • S- Sprinkler Park
  • T- Tennis Date
  • U- Underground (Yes, we went and explored caves at Howe Caverns!)
  • V- Viaport Aquarium
  • W- Walk in the Woods ( It was Supposed to be a waterfall.... but apparently I can't even manage with a GPS-- so we improvised)
  • X- Date with Xaniel-- Luckily my nephew's name starts with an "X" (If I do this again, I would do some sort of treasure hunt --X Marks the spot kind of thing.)
  • Y-Yoga (on Youtube)
  • Z- Zoo

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