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1.World Vegan Day- Ate Vegan all-day! Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast; Vegan burger for lunch & dinner, Vegan smoothies for dinner as well!

2. Look for Circles Day- This was as boring as it sounded, but my daughter and I did it. She had a little fun with it though.

3. Sandwich Day- This was SUCH a busy day for me, but at 9:40 at night, I had myself a peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich

4.King Tut Day- Luckily, my daughter and I just finished our Egyptian Cultural Learning Unit and we just made this as an extension to our learning unit. A lot of incest going around within the Egyptian Pharoah Bloodline. I also knew he had trouble walking and was born pretty deformed, but I didn't know he was burried with a LOT of his canes.. or that his lady (also possibly his step mother) gave birth to two babygirl twins who never survived. 

5. National Doughnut Appreciation Day- We looked up why there are two of these holidays... but we also had donuts.

6. Election Day- We voted!

7.National Eating Healthy Day- went to a cute local restaurant and had the most delcious, healthiest Acai Bowl! 

8.Tongue Twister Day- We looked up Tongue twisters and read Fox in Sox for our bedtime story! 

9.Chaos Never Dies ( Put order back in your life) - I updated alll of my calandars. Luckily this day fell at a time when I really needed it!

10. Sesame Street Day- Yes!!! We watched Sesame Street! Thank God for FireStick. I swear this is the greatest kids show ever to hit the screens.

11. Veteran's Day- We rented some books from the Library and spent our Sunday dinner at my grandma's with my uncle-- My favorite veteran! 

12.Chicken Soup for the Soul Day- Found the website and listened to some podcasts today! I actually was crying a few times-- I might actually start listening to these because they were so positive and uplifting. 

13. World Kindness day — I work with kids that are on a long-term suspension from the school district I work for . The kids that get kicked out , come to me. Most days, I LOVE my job. Not this day 😂. I had one student that tested every boundary possible . I celebrated this day by remaining as calm as I could and remained the sweet Ms. Miller I needed to be— even though it was incredibly tough. This actually paid off for me because the student eventually completed what I asked him too. 

14. Lighten up, Loosen up day- this is different for me . I genuinely need to work at learning how to relax. I work 3 jobs, I’m in college & im a single mother. I still feel guilty sleeping because there’s always a million things I feel I need to do . Yesterday (the 14th, I relaxed a little more . I cleared my schedule and took my daughter to her school dance . We had so much fun — she danced her heart out! After, I let go even more and set aside our strict bedtime routine . Instead , we ended up building a fort in the living room ( ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!) and we read, and slept there for the night . I slept like crap, but babygirl was soooo happy— it was worth it. 

15. America Recycles Day - my apartment complex doesn’t recycle ♻️ TERRIBLE RIGHT? So I hold on to mine and bring it to my moms to be properly disposed of . I ended up doing my weekly drop of food that day :) 

16. National Fast Food day - I rarely eat fast food, but I got my Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s 

17. International Games Day - my daughter, my boyfriend and I played Candyland 

18. Micky Mouse Day- looked at all my pictures and videos from Disney World !!! ❤️

19. National Carbonated Beverage Day w/ Caffiene - I actually BOUGHT a Pepsi. I NEVER drink Pepsi —- took me 3 days to finish a small bottle, but I did it 😂

20. Universal Children’s Day - I just spent extra time telling my daughter how much I love and appreciate her & took time to realize how genuinely blessed I am to have a daughter like her . 

21. World Hello Day ! - I looked up how to say “hello” in a bunch of different languages — English (obviously), Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Patois, Italian, Portuguese , Dutch , and Farsi . Also celebrated Friendsgiving ! 

22. Thanksgiving 🤗 obviously spent it with my family ! 

23. Buy Nothing day - self explanatory 

24. Small business Saturday - bought some books at our favorite local business 

25. National Parfait Day - I made a parfait ..

26. Cyber Monday - spent all my money online shopping 

27.  Pie in the Face Day- my daughter and I played the Pie in the Face game !!

28. national French Toast Day - French Toast for dinner ! 

29. Square Dancing Day- Destiny and I YouTubed some tutorials and looked like a fool in our living room 

30. Meth awareness day - looked up some pretty scary facts . As a future health teacher, this was something I should keep current info on anyways ! 

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