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lost it on may 31, 2012. well ace did. my cherry didnt pop so technically it was a few weeks later for me when we really did it for the first time. the first time was at my house and ace was staying over. i snuck downstairs and met him in the guest room, where he had been sleeping. we did it. when it became light out i got out of the bed only to find blood all over my hands and side/butt and a pool of it on the sheets about the size of a dinner plate. ace had blood on his penis and we both sorta freaked a bit. not because there was blood but bc it was so noticable. i had to make sure to wash it before mom or dad saw the sheets. but the stains came out so its alright. 

but that night, damn did it hurt like hell. it got better as it went on though. we were sweaty as hell, our bodies sliding bc of the moisture made from our friction. he had had to b on top since my leg was still in a brace from my acl. it may have not been romantic but it was with ace, and i love him, so it was as good as it couldve been. we didn't use protection bc it the condom was hard/painful to do it with since it didnt glide easily, probably wasnt smart but i didnt get pregnant so its alright.

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