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This goal may seem subjective. It’s not to me . It took me a longggg time to develop a positive mindset. Now that I know I have the power to make myself happy because “I am the thinker of my thoughts”. I can CHOOSE how I respond to negative situations and I can wake up and often CHOOSE to be happy and positive. I actively set the tone each morning — I wake up around 5am , I make my bed, I make my coffee, light my good smelling candles, put on my mindfulness nature music on, say “good morning” to the picture of my dad & pick from my happiness jar. My happiness jar has a bunch of positive quotes and pictures. Often, I will use that quote as my mantra for the day. I’ve noticed that my daughter and I have had great mornings if I’m in a good mood before I get her up and SHE is better able to have a good day at school. I work with at-risk students and a lot of my students have been through trauma and I have a tendency to take my work home with me . My one life changing quote is: “you cannot go into a negative environment in neutral.” I go to work everyday with a smile on my face and I am genuinely happy to see them. I make sure I tell them this — oftentimes, they feel better when they leave my classroom because they feel valued. 

 Each night, I try to keep a positivity journal and list alll the positive things that have happened that day . This has helped me look for positive things throughout the day. 

This is the method that works for me — it’s a lot but it genuinely makes me feel happy. Like I genuinely love life and love people. .. this isn’t a mindset I had when I first started making my Bucketlist, but it’s been a paradigm shift. 

Lastly, I just want to touch upon the fact that I am not diagnosed with clinical depression. I’ve been down for long periods of time, but I understand this is a much More difficult battle for some people and medication might be necessary. 

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