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Added on November 3, 2012

Road Trip Coast-to-Coast

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I have talked about doing this for the past 2 years and if gas was not so damn expensive I probably would have already done it!  I feel as though I have been a sheltered American.  Always sticking to my part of the nation, never truely appreciating the whole nation in its entirety.  I want to feel America's bumpy back roads from the Blue Ridge, to the Smokey Mountains, along the Mississippi, to the Great Plains,  ride the ridges of the Rockies, Smell the grapes of Cali's wine country, and gasp at the rock walls of Yellowstone.  Yep America is one big place that I MUST see!


Ken Derrico on Dec 28, 2012

Matt, right there with you! I've done a lot of traveling world-wide buit to be on the open road in our own nation is something I have always wanted to do. (Rt 66!). Even when I travel in new backroads in my own state, I amn mesmorized at the new scenery and seeing the way other's live. Very cool idea!

Quelcy Kogel on Sep 03, 2013

Ditto! I want to do this in an old, red truck with my sheepdog by my side.

Laura Hicks on Jul 18, 2014

Me too! This is on my list. Have either of you done it yet?

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