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Alonda Purnell's Goal

Added on November 2, 2012

Try A Fried Snickers

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ZombieGirl on Nov 04, 2012

I know one day I will try this but i bet I feel like I am having an heart attack after I eat it! =p

Alonda Purnell on Nov 11, 2012

haha I Know! @ZombieGirl

elfen on Nov 12, 2012

I had a deep fried mars bar once in Scotland. It was good, but I as unable to finish it. Somehow I think snickers will be better because of the nuts.

Luis Velazquez on Nov 15, 2012

I live in Milwaukee, and every state fair we have different crazy foods....ive tried the deep fried Snickers, deep fried peanut butter reese's cup, deep fried Oreo's, deep fried PB n jelly sandwich, deep friend Pickles..... they were delicious!!!

stephanie morosi on Nov 25, 2012

scotland had a deep friend mars bar and I am in healthy shape as I was 26 and going to the gym everyday......the grease made my heart poind very fast and hard like I had run a mile and I feel dizzy. I leaned against the wall while barflies asked me if I needed help. Will never do again. Plus, the melted chocolate was all over my fingers and it tasted like I had 20 bars on halloween night.

GuttersnipeRebecca on Nov 25, 2012

Are you a health nut who rarely eats sugar?

ZombieGirl on Nov 25, 2012

They must be because your body only reacts that way to things when its not use to them. All though im sure it is going to make anyone who eats it afterwards not feel good, but not to the point of dizziness and almost passing out. My aunt is a health freak and rarely eats sugar/grease. If she eats like a handful of chips she says she gets sick so if your body is not use to sugar and grease,fried snickers is probably going to make you feel sick.

GuttersnipeRebecca on Nov 25, 2012

^exactly. My Husband is a health nut and that is how he reacts.

sarah sarah on Jan 09, 2013

I think you guys are sick creautures if you eat chocolate..... it is my least favourite think in the world!!!!!!

sarah sarah on Jan 09, 2013

im sorry thar i was rude it was a bad day my pet monkey tarzan went missing :( i havent found him yet im actually going to lure him home with deep fried snickers! TRUTH THO I DONT LIKE CHOCOLATE my angery companion emma sometimes forces me to eat it... it is rude and unnaceptable soo i have decided to lock her in my dungeon in my basement. My wife sofia told me that it was a bad idea but i did it anyway ! YOLO RIGHT anyway we are approaching are 1month week aniversary we are happily IN LOVE NO ONE CAN SEPERATE US LEGIT BC SHE IS ALSO TRAPPED IN LOVE WITH ME did you know that justin bieber has been on weed lately?? I DID,my dog has beeen acting up lately he ate all my paperclips.. do u think my cat should give him surgery? im a proffesional fisherman ! it is a tough but someone has to do it! Do u guys like fish? IF SO what type of fish !? I smell like fish DO U SMELL LIKE FISH ?? Sophiaaaaaaah is my other wife... pronounced and spelt differently then my first wife sofia OMG WHILE I WAS TYPING TARZAN CAME HOME IM SO EXCITED I MIGHT MAKE SOME APPLE BROWNIES BC I DONT LIKE CHOCOLATE have u ever tried a apple brownie there real good for anyway i must go now farwell peasents i will see u in another life i will go back to the future now yea the future is weird and in the future chocolate is gone and i LOVE it NOW :) peaceeeeeeeeeee outttt holllllaaaaa at tarzan bye

sarah sarah on Jan 09, 2013

hi again
its me sorry im back i finshed giving tarzan a bath he was dirty from getting lost

Alonda Purnell on Jan 11, 2013

Well....Okay lmao!

CanyonWild on Feb 15, 2013

woow O_o

ZombieGirl on Feb 15, 2013

Someone has been to many

CanyonWild on Feb 15, 2013

haha lol

Claire on Feb 15, 2013

I have has a fried Reese's and fried Kool-Aid, both at the State Fair. Reese's are already amazing, so it just tasted doughy, and the Kool-Aid is mixed with funnel cake mix, so it's really just a Kool-Aid funnel cake. Pretty good:)

missripley on Feb 15, 2013

I love a fried mars bar :)

Jemma Bradaigh on Feb 16, 2013

I love fried Mars bars too they are so good! I don't eat them often though! Heart attack on a plate! ;)

Noe Sarmiento on Sep 15, 2013

If you value your arteries, don't do it.

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