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Added on September 20, 2010

Witness paranormal activity

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I want to believe in ghosts, I really do.  Yet, there's absolutely no way I can unless I see some paranormal activity with my own eyes.


megan cullins on Apr 04, 2011

That would actually be pretty awesome to see in person. then everyone may actually believe in ghosts .

Kelsey Espinoza on Aug 07, 2011

I do, all the time. it gets pretty annoying after awhile cuz you just want "them" to leave you alone...o.0...

abbi rejdukowski on Nov 12, 2011

i have but only like twice, but it freaky-cool!!!

jennhv7 on May 17, 2012

i have had a few experances... pretty cool.

InĂªs Tavares on Aug 07, 2012

i'd like to witness it too , but you know what they say "be carefull with what you wish for" ...

amber on Mar 12, 2013

I always pray I dont. I fear I have the heart of a rabbit and it would just give. Lol same reason I dont scube dive. Fear of seeing a shark.

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