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Added on January 5, 2012

Throw someone a surprise party

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Successfully, so they wouldn't have a clue. 



Alexis on Jan 06, 2012

This is possibly the best gift you can give someone. We didn't really celebrate my mother's last birthday because her and my dad were having issues. Also this year she's hosted about 5 parties for different events in my family. I felt that she needed something special so on her "half-birthday" (6 months after her bday) i invited a few of her closest friends, made her favorite food, and completely surprised her. She was so touched we would throw a whole party just for her. So I really hope you pull this off, and I hope whoever you do it for really appreciates your efforts. :)

rainydelight on Jan 06, 2012

Aww thanks for that awesome story Alexis! I originally had my hubby in mind, who is so kind and romantic... he would be hard to pull off the surprise for, but I'm going to try to anyway one day! Hopefully throughout my life I can throw surprise parties for a few people :)

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