Wear a snake around my neck

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bluenwild bluenwild

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Had the chance, took the chance. That's how you roll! ;) 

petraxo petraxo

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 It's not so bad having snake around neck but I was a little scared.

ZoZo ZoZo

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I have had a number of different snakes around my neck. They don't scare me at all. In fact I think snakes are awesome 

Pickles Pickles

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A little scary but still cool 

Smiz Smiz

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 Liasis olivaceus, commonly called the olive python,[2] is a python species found in Australia

With adults reaching over 4 m in length, this is Australia's second-largest snake species (surpassed only by the scrub python). Its high midbody dorsal scale count, 61-72, makes the skin look smoother than that of other pythons. The number of ventral scales is 355-377.[2] The colour pattern is a uniform chocolate brown to olive green, while the belly is usually cream coloured.[4]

Unfortunately, this species is occasionally confused with the venomous king brown snake, Pseudechis australis, and is often mistakenly killed.

This snake is found in Australia in Western AustraliaNorthern Territory and Queensland. The type locality given is "North Australia; Port Essington" (Northern Territory, Australia).[1]


It occurs in rocky areas, gorges and especially rocky areas near sources of water. Typically, shelter is sought in caves and rock crevices, but individuals have also been found in hollow logs and in burrows under rocks.[2]


The diet consists of birdsmammals and other reptiles,[2] including rock-wallabiesfruit batsducks and spinifex pigeons. They prefer to lie in wait next to animal trails to ambush their prey. Alternatively, they are strong swimmers and also hunt in waterholes, striking at prey from under the water.[4] They are also known to prey on monitor lizards and crocodiles.

scai.br scai.br

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 In Sentosa, Sg! huge yellow sweet snake, but it wasn't cold as I expected...but it was fun anyway :)

jpatr1d jpatr1d

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Well when I selected this goal, I didn't own a snake but since then own one. Figured it counted.

ghoney2003 ghoney2003

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I was terrified but it was a really cool experience. 

bingevil bingevil

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Snake on my neck 

mickybranco mickybranco

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 Scary but cool!

cwalls cwalls

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Freakiest. Experience. Ever.


Glad it's over.  

PaisleyFrump PaisleyFrump

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 My family had a pet gopher snake, named Gilmore, when I was a little kid. He was mostly my older brother's pet but got to play with him too. Gilmore would hang around my neck and kiss me on the ear. His skin was cool and dry (not slimy or anything) and he would always try to cuddle into my neck or underarm - any place warm, because snakes are always looking for warmth (he'd try to sneak into my shirt, too). Snake kisses are delicate little tickles, and very nice. 

(Photo is from Flickr - not me, not Gilmore. I was probably not quite this cute, but Gilmore was just as sweet.)

sashadiane sashadiane

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Not as scary as you would think! 

jomobile13 jomobile13

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At Childers Reptile Park

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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This yellow python is named Paula Dean and I held it at the 2017 Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  At seventy-five pounds, this was one heavy snake.

plexizio plexizio

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 I wear an anaconda in Iquitos, Perú, it weighs like ~50Kg

alexis96744 alexis96744

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waqasbinhayat waqasbinhayat

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 I love snakes. When I got the opportunity to do so, I jumped in. It's not scary at all. Snakes are wonderful creatures.

efflorescentmermaid efflorescentmermaid

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 It was surprisingly heavy

brittvilla brittvilla

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 Mexico. The experience was pretty cool. Only happened for a few seconds. Long enough for my mom to snap a quick picture and then hand the snake back to the handler. It was a huge snake though. Majestic, almost. I don't have access to that picture, though so here's one of Adrienne from Cycle 1 of ANTM.

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