Walk on the Great Wall of China

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doa14 doa14

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I went to China with a school trip last summer. It was an organization which was led by the China Government and they invited a lot of schools all around the world. It was a 10-day trip but it felt like much longer because we had so many memories that cannot fit in only 10 days. I had so much fun. But of course one of the biggest reason that I had such good memories was, I had two of my best friends along the journey. It's always better when you have your buddies with you.

About the Great Wall, it was the most exciting trip for me in these 10 days because I really wanted to see it, to see if it was really that big and believe me, it is literally enormous. So obviously, we couldn't climbed up to all of it but, me and my friends, we were the ones that climbed up to the highest.

It was a tiring yet entertaining day for us. Even though we climbed a lot, I wish we could climb much more. We had a time limit so we had to return before it ended. But from the point we climbed, there was a breathtaking view even though that day the weather was foggy. 

Anyways, if I ever have the chance to go back to the Wall again, I would love to take it!

Mariane M2 Mariane M2

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 Went to the non-touristic part of the Great Wall and was absolutly Stunnig! 

Best memory? When we climb during the night with only 3 headlamp for 7 peopls, bit scary but also fun. Was amazing to lie on the Great Wall and watch all those stars!!

You should definitly do it!

vicky.givens vicky.givens

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Monday 16th October. Visited Badaling, Juyonggaun and Mutianyu Walked on the wall at Badaling and Mutianyu

gremlok gremlok

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CatNapNoSleep CatNapNoSleep

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I never imagine in my life that I would see and walk through one of the greatest wonders of the world, but I did, with my husband and kids in 2005. Amazing sights, unbelievable hard work for those who were involved in building the bridge. Too bad we cannot explore further because as you walk further on, the stones are crumbling and unsafe and slippery as well, and we have 2 young boys in tow. We did have great photos though! An experience of a lifetime. But I think once of this would be enough.

Tiffy15 Tiffy15

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May 2013, such an amazing sight! 

skiesofstars skiesofstars

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I had the amazing experience of going to China when I was 15 with my dad. We did many fantasic things, but the great wall was definitly one of the most exhillerating. 

Gwapo Gwapo

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Almost got stuck at the great wall! Didn't understand when the tour guide indicated the elevator to the top stopped at 4:30. Showed up at 4:45 with my girlfriend to ride down, with the tour bus leaving at 5pm only to find we had to climb down!

Thought we might get left behind, but managed to make it well after dark as they spotted us coming down. Of course the bus decided to pick that time to break down and the tour operators tried to blame us for the lack of available backup. Fortunately, other guests had taken a liking to us and said we had nothing to do with it :)

r_aileen87 r_aileen87

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AllieWasADreamer AllieWasADreamer

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mmmichikooo mmmichikooo

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And it was around -25 degrees Celsius when I did with friends!

Flaxenhaircynic Flaxenhaircynic

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In April of 2002 I was a member of the first high school orchestra from the US to perform a concert on the Great Wall.  As you can imagine the acoustics were terrible. 

In July of 2013 I walked along the GW again, although a different section that had a chair lift up to the wall and a tobbogan down from the wall.

BeeHappy BeeHappy

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I did this on my trip to China with mom. She didnt hike the wall, but I did. In hindsight, I was brave for being able to leave her and do this on my own. I never give myself enough credit.

EllieH-B EllieH-B

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WOW! Hard work 

hatakelei hatakelei

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Went to Jinshanling section. If I'll get a chance to do it again, I want to visit the Mutianyu section and ride down the taboogan.

lycke_ristimaki lycke_ristimaki

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Gjorde det då när jag var fem år, när pappa hämtade mig.

hersweetembrace hersweetembrace

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I was 12 when I walked on the Great Wall of China. The scenery is just breath taking! 

journalynn journalynn

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Going up was easy, relatively speaking... going down was rough... the steps understandably are uneven and the bar they installed at sometime in I assume recent history is at knee level. Bring bottled water and take lots of breaks!

Cougardoot Cougardoot

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Sarahsaurus Sarahsaurus

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It was amazing. Exhaustng, and you feel that burn for days, but so totally worth it.

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