Walk on the Great Wall of China

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NicoDreams NicoDreams

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It is amazing! We had a whole section to ourselves for a good while.  Felt incredible to be at a place so iconic, that I've seen photos of.  But nothing beats actually being there.  Would love to really hike a good distance of the wall or even camp overnight in one of the towers.  I have seen that there is even an area of the wall that is underwater, that you can scuba!!


rbevers rbevers

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 My first Wonder of the World

nefzalman nefzalman

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I was like 12 at that time with my family. It was really cold so we didn't get to climb at the top. I thought that the wall would be bigger but it wasn't. I hope that I could visit it again in the future just so that I could reach the end of the wall. 

billy.si.5 billy.si.5

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Visited Great Wall of China done!!! one thing you don't realize is how steep the pathway can get, almost just a 45 degree straight pathway, I think would of made more sense just to build stairs, definitely worthwhile to do once.... also while I was here I visited to Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and a famous Peking Duck restaurant....

scai.br scai.br

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 I was in China for 2 months working/studiyng in Shanghai and during the Chinese's New Year me and some friends got the chance to visit Beijing and see this amazing place.

we were there for 4-5 hours and still was nothing, think a week wouldn't be enough also to see it all.

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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 There are a lot of stairs! But the prohibited area is the best ;) I went to the Mutianyu section

wildandwandering wildandwandering

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 I was so determined to visit the Great Wall of China that I even did it with a broken toe! You can read about the best options for seeing the great wall of China here: http://wildandwandering.net/the-great-wall-of-china/ Also - take  the slide down if you can!

jeffreyjosephkurtz jeffreyjosephkurtz

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I need to locate the exact spot from my records.  November 2005

lollouisee lollouisee

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Its a really beautiful work that they have done with it, truly magnifiqe.


patsarmiento patsarmiento

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The Great Wall's architectural grandeur truly embodies the rich history of China. Walking on the old bricks and stones is like having a taste of China, back when the ruling of great dynasties dominated the country.

shaqkhicornwall shaqkhicornwall

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 It wasn't incredible...

LactyDely LactyDely

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It took us almost 4 hours to reach the Great Wall...

We spent the rest of the day there. The views are beautiful and you can walk as far as you want; be prepared it is quite a hike with all these hundreds of steps.

m.a.spencer1990 m.a.spencer1990

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In China for work whilst I was at EAL so stopped off for an extra week of sightseeing with my colleagues! View from the topmost watchtower was astonishing. Great time of year to visit. Chinese tourists were surprised to see westerners so had to stop for a few pictures!!

MissYrsa MissYrsa

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It was hot! Like really hot! But it was amazing and unbelievable! Took some great pictures and didn't want to leave!

If there'll be a next time - then I'll try to get on the sleep-over-tour with one of the hostels in Beijing. Sounds so amazing!


ivaivana ivaivana

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Amazing experience! So peaceful and beautiful. We drove out 3 hours to get to a section with less people and it was well worth it! 

jimiluhan94 jimiluhan94

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 Walked on the Great Wall of China in 2013. It was 40 degrees Celsius that day. A memorable excursion nonetheless!

vanessa.h.bright vanessa.h.bright

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Incredible experience!!!!!!

Rainfeather1245 Rainfeather1245

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Went to Beijing and the Great Wall my senior year of high school in March 2013. I hiked up the wall with my accountability buddy Gina.


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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It was really awesome, I went with my twin sister and we did a hike through part of it. It would actually take forever to walk the whole thing though, so we didn't do that. It looked really amazing though, but it is really tiring to hike through, because it can get so steep.

BaoBao85 BaoBao85

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 Its huge, amazing to see how its built... 

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