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thekatrinapaluso thekatrinapaluso

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We traveled to Washington, D.C. for Awesomecon, and got to see some other greats sites while we were there. We saw the FBI building, Chinatown, and the White House (from a distance). We can't wait to go back for a proper visit when there isn't a convention.

rubenmherrera rubenmherrera

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I had a whole week to visit this unique city I went through all the museums and I visited most of the landmarks I got to learn a lot and experience it like never before

SymbioseGirl SymbioseGirl

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Visited Washington with friends (school trip) in 2013 

Dankirby85 Dankirby85

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Washington was amazing. Better than I expected.  

kevinjkydd kevinjkydd

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 I've gone to DC twice.  The first time was in 2009, the second in 2012.

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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visited in July 2012 

ladydes ladydes

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We saw the Memorial, stayed at a hotel near a McDonalds and had a lot of great photo opportunities. Edgar Hoover had the ugliest building. A cop was feeding a squirell some nuts. Aparently they already knew each other. We saw natural history museum. I saw a six foot squid. We saw Mt. Vernon - Washington's home. He had a manor, farm and planted some trees. We saw his bedroom, spies and  how he died of an infection. RIP.


KaraT KaraT

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I was able to visit briefly while I was attending a business convention (AIPLA). I am putting this back on my bucket list - so that I can visit just to see the sights, museums, and soak in the history.


On this trip I visited:

Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument (however it was closed because of damage from the earthquake - reopens in 2019), Iwo Jima (U.S. Marine Corps Memorial), WW II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, JFK Eternal Flame, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Rode the Metro (subway), Took a night tour of all the buildings, Took a 2 day bus tour (hop on, hop off). Reflection Pool, 

ceckerty ceckerty

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Done. I visited Washington D.C. with my family for our first ever family vacation in July 2010. We drove out there and stayed for about a week. The picture shows two of my sisters and I at one of the museums, I'm on the left.

foralaura foralaura

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completed summer 2010


miaboero18 miaboero18

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8th grade class trip with Harding. Good bonding time, but really tiring. We tried to see as much as possible, which got hard. It felt a little like we weren't really appreciating each thing, but maybe that's just cause we were tired 13 year olds. It was really fun though

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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I have gone several times and every time I just see the basics and only one smithsonian. I really want to see something other the air and space musuem but the trip was already preplanned

Poopie Kitty Poopie Kitty

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 I have been to Washington, DC many times over the past couple years, but my first time was briefly in 2008.  After Jeremy passed, I visited his friend Jonathan and he took me to DC.  I saw a few monuments and we went to the American History Museum (where I got to see Kermit the Frog)!  It was a nice trip, so I went back many times again so I could experience it all.  

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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Traveled here with an amazing bunch of people in may 2008. Washington was amazing and lived up to my expectations.

moblaze718 moblaze718

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 Visited Washington D.C during my winter vacation 2016. I really enjoyed my time there. Everything seemed to go according to plan while I was there, the people were nice, everything was within walking distance. I had a feeling of nostalgia while there coming from a person who once lived in NYC. I tour the U.S capital, go to most of the wonderful FREE museums. Walk around and be amazed at all of the architecture. 

christina.vinsick.3 christina.vinsick.3

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Had the opportunity to spend two days in DC with my husband. What a wonderful experience.

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Everything is walking distance in D.C. wear comfortable shoes!

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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Definitely a must-visit for me, it was cool seeing the landmarks but we wish we'd walked round the other side of the White House! 

katielhoward10 katielhoward10

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I've grown up living thirty minutes from D.C. so visiting was never anything spectacular. As I;ve grown up I've realized how blessed I am to have this huge city in my backyard. Millions of people dream of being able to visit D.C. and I can go there on a whim any afternoon I please. I like how familiar I've become with the city and I hope to learn to appreciate it more. 


wjdslimjim wjdslimjim

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I had never been to DC before which makes me feel unamerican.  But I finally did the tour after 20 years of living.

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