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livethelifeyoulove livethelifeyoulove

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We went on a two-week trip to Australia and of course we had to see the Uluru. It was above 50 degrees celcuis but it was totally worth it. Especially the sunrise was beautiful. We were even able to see the 'red rock' colour-changing :)

@iman @iman

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was amazing


ampetruz ampetruz

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 Uluru was amazing!! Briony took a spill but we had a great time and I got to drive!!!! 2015

horizon6661 horizon6661

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 It's only a rock! Still an amazing experience...

RosieButler RosieButler

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This was my highlight of Australia. It's steeped in history, legend and stories, and is so iconic. The Aboriginal people really love their heritage, so I understand why they ask people not to climb the rock. A must see if you go to Australia. 


FrankieWolfe FrankieWolfe

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 When I was 16 I traveled to Uluru and beyond up to Kakadu in the Northern Territory (Australia). It was an amazing experience. I climbed the rock and also did a section of the walk around it. I would say that the walk around the base was more worthwhile. So if you are going and have limited time I'd personally recommend spending the time walking around the base and doing walks in The Olgas.

helen.smith.92775838 helen.smith.92775838

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 Lovely place especially at sunset and sun rise

hannahlamb100 hannahlamb100

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Watching the sunrise and sunset over Uluru was simply magical.. It is such a sacred place and should be respected, not trampled over.. [email protected]

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An Icon in Australia.  Fascinating at sunrise.   Inspiring at Sunset.  And breathtaking in between


MissYena MissYena

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Uluru was one of the most stunning places I've ever been, it's very expensive, but it is like no where else on earth!  The red center was so vivid, such bright red soil, bright yellow lizards, the green plants and that amazing rock (which extends under the earth for kilometers!).  Going around the rock and seeing it close up was just amazing and being able to watch the subtle colour change at sunrise and sunset was absolutely beautiful.  NT does some of the best sunrise and sunsets ever, and the amount of stars out at night was blinding and breathtaking.


Worth the trip. This is a must see, glad I've ticked it off but I think one day I will go back again!

blabranbran blabranbran

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don't go in winter it is freezing



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This is an incredible place! You can't understand it's size from pictures and the incredible power this place has. A must see when in Australia.


LifeAvatar LifeAvatar

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SolarHalo SolarHalo

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Because it's the heart of Australia!

barkha barkha

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With Family.


jamielee302 jamielee302

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I was lucky enough to climb to the top of uluru when i was in high school. It was challenging physically n so rewardibg! An experience i will never forget

katykitty katykitty

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A lifelong dream acheived in 2003.

rshawcross1 rshawcross1

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Saw at Sunrise, very cold in the morning 


liz.burgess.146 liz.burgess.146

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 In 1996

NinjaJacq NinjaJacq

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with school year 9 camp

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