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 Palace of Versailles......breathtaking, rich in textures and colors, architecture amazing.  The palace is hard to describe in is beyond enormous and grand.  It is being re-guilded and it is sparkly and bright outside.  The gardens impeccable....

TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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June 1998


Mascha Mascha

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 Went on a schooltrip to Paris. We visited Versailles one day before going home and I was surprised by how beautiful this palace is!! Even the gates are gold plated, I just couldn't believe my eyes!

MamaRaven MamaRaven

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Visiting the Château de Versailles was a dream come true! It's beauty took my breath away countless times. I loved it so much I returned 2.5 years later, and would happily go back again! :)

tara_says_hi tara_says_hi

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 The most splendid palace I have seen yet dragging along my friends who weren't interested but were when they were in awe before it. Though the queue to get in took away half the day it was worth it to see where the history took palace and get lost in the gardens, which we did as they are so large we struggled to find our way back.

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 It's a beautiful palace, but be warned; August is peak season and you will queue for hours to get in. Once inside, its full to the brim with people. Luckily the place I thought was most  interesting, the chapel, was off limits to tourists so you are free to take a peek without anyone standing inside it. 

As beautiful as this place was, both me and my mum were underwhelmed by it. We'd both been to other palaces and castles and enjoyed them more because they had a lot more of the possessions of the people who lived there. There was very few of anything inside besides paintings and the occasional room that had beds or tables in it. Most rooms are completely empty. It is mainly the overall architecture, painted ceilings and chandeliers that we enjoyed looking at.

Overall I'm glad I went, and it's always interesting to have been somewhere so culturally significant. Anyone who has never been to anything similar should definitely go inside, but if you are well travelled in terms of palaces and castles, you probably wont see much here that you haven't seen before :P

mobprincess2714 mobprincess2714

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Absolutely stunning and amazing to see. Beautiful gardens. Love the art and the decor in the rooms. Such a huge building. Love seeing Marie Antoinette's bedroom. Iconic place but also eerie

Karmaqueen15 Karmaqueen15

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Very guilded! The grounds were beautiful!! Hall of Mirrors was impresive!


monicapier monicapier

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Eurotour, last day in Paris


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