Visit the Notre Dame, Paris

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Been there with my class in fourth year of High School. Everyone had to split up in groups at some modern arts museum to go eat lunch, and we had to be at the Notre Dame later that day. We went to this quaint little café that served us croque monsieurs with way, way too much cheese. Couldn't even eat half in the end! But hey, at least we had a waiter that sang Single Ladies to us.

When we arrived at the Notre Dame, we got up at the tribune in front of the church. We got a real show from some street performers there that just seemed to tell jokes. Us Belgian girls made so much of a racket at the removal of their shirts - and some of us gave them tips! So we left to go inside the Notre Dame with their afterwords being "We love Belgium!".

Inside, it was closed off at the back, where the gorgeous glass-art was. There was a ceremony going on, so no room for tourists. Understandable, really. But it was so busy in there that I almost choked - that's how bad it was! Guess tourist attractions aren't my thing.

Still, beautiful place!

kpetrova kpetrova

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My favorite spot in Paris.


coco.coeurbattement coco.coeurbattement

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charlotteeeeeeeeeeeee charlotteeeeeeeeeeeee

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it was beautiful, cues were large to go inside but they went down quick and the souvenirs were very cute, I got a gold coin with Notre Dame engraved on it!

streetsofeden streetsofeden

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abbey.marquess abbey.marquess

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Went to Paris with my lovely family. It was a magical time. As we walked to Notre Dame my feet ached but I was the happiest girl in Paris. We stopped briefly to take a few pictures, and then went to Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Talk about awesome!


thatambertool thatambertool

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This cathedral is magnificent.  The carvings are beautiful and having visited it makes Dan Brown novels better.


sophie.lamontagne.353 sophie.lamontagne.353

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 France 2013

nicoleren29 nicoleren29

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dariusjy dariusjy

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sueann214 sueann214

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Alone in Paris, it was fantastic! Inside is much darker than I imagined.


meganrehm meganrehm

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 This is another great view of Paris. It's a tight fit to climb but well worth it - plus you get to see the view of the Eiffel Tower too.

fleurandblue fleurandblue

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Pretty cool to see the Notre Dame up close! Last time I went to Paris was 2013, but I still remember being in awe of this structure. It was pretty cool.

Mesgants Mesgants

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Paris 2013


Littleneko Littleneko

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The spiral stairs too many, I don't do stairs, but the view was lovely.

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