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gigglebox gigglebox

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It was an amazing museum. I wish I had more time to see more. 

meganrosenorris2015 meganrosenorris2015

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After study abroad in Spain I made my way to France to enjoy a lovely 2 week vacation ... 

adara.koala adara.koala

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This is somewhere I must go again. A few hours are not enough time to fully experience this treasure. I did, however, get to see the Mona Lisa!

Giggles73 Giggles73

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Amazing and filled with history!!


somewherearound somewherearound

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Too many people


Mizz34 Mizz34

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Visited twice within 48hrs with a Paris city pass, free entry and you skip the queues.  Very busy in the Height of summer.  I was with my lovely son.  Not really a place to go with a lively kid.  But i saw what i wanted to see.  Have a lovely photo of the Lourve glass pyramid with the que snaking behind and beyond my vision.  Be prepared is all i will say. 

Had a total of 3 nights in Paris, did what i wanted to do and enjoyed relaxing at a cafe a few minutes away from our hotel, mocktails vs cocktails.  Very pleasant experience.

marydelta marydelta

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 The building alone is worth the visit! (The photo here looks like Notre Dame, though...) :) my brother and I ritualistically punched each other in the arm in front of the Mona Lisa :) 

libertydawn libertydawn

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Been there twice now 

Chrissikkel Chrissikkel

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AmandaLaura AmandaLaura

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Summer 2014 - Louise 

Lancashirelad Lancashirelad

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Best museum or gallery in the World in IMHO.

wonder_wandering wonder_wandering

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The Louvre was beautiful, and I've never had so much fun browsing the halls of a museum. I would absolutely go back.

Gracesums Gracesums

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The Louvre was amazing, but the Mona Lisa is tiny!

wyat9090 wyat9090

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 Visited in July 2011. Felt like I needed more than one trip to see it all.

crishca crishca

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 July 2012 Nice experience, but maybe Museo del Prado is better. :P

tolenochka tolenochka

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  • Visit the Louvre in Paris, France. It occupies over 650,000 square feet in the center of Paris. The Louvre houses one of the world's great art collections. The collection spans over 6,000 years. They're divided into 8 departments: Oriental Antiquities, Islamic Art, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities and, for the modern period, Paintings, Sculptures, Art items, Prints and Drawings until 1848.

smoore4661 smoore4661

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People to People Ambassador Program.


tufty tufty

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Interesting but not as spectacular as you would think

spdfbucketlist spdfbucketlist

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 Love this museum, especially 'winged victory' and works of Da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is disappointing due to size.

opalbrite opalbrite

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Saw the Mona Lisa and more art than I can even name!!!


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