Visit the 9-11 Memorial

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Heartbreaking, just heartbreaking


LizEli LizEli

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 This was the first stop in New York I had to make! 9/11 is obviously a day nobody will ever forget, and getting the opportunity to visit the exact site where our whole world changed was truly amazing and incredibly devastating. The pain that is felt through out the whole area is so strong it will make any person shed a tear. 

den1se3 den1se3

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 I put this on here and never actually thought I'd get the chance to go but OH MY! It's breath taking. Absolutely beautiful memorial. May their souls rest in peace.

dalilugubre dalilugubre

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I want to give my respects for the innocents who die in hands of evil. I want to take my son and teach him, that even when so much evil can hurt, human kind still have hope. we got down, and we get back up!! 

swagataroy22 swagataroy22

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We spent a few quit minutes there watching the water flow. Felt a sense of calm and acceptance under the trees. It is a beautiful structure.

bratterz_xoxo bratterz_xoxo

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I've wanted to visit the memorial site for many years now. I would like to pay my respects to all of the individuals that passed away that day.


It was such a sad yet, humbling experience.. It's a must do if you ever visit New York!

streetsofeden streetsofeden

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julianicole105 julianicole105

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It was very cool but obviously very sad I went when I was about 12 I'm really glad I did.

brandoncpage brandoncpage

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Jimenez22 Jimenez22

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So much energy! My heart felt the lives loss in such tragedy. May they Rest In Peace  

CrookedHalo CrookedHalo

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This was by far the most emotinal place I have had a chance to visit.  Every sound, every drop of water brough tears to my eyes. I ran my fingers over the lists of names carved into the cool stone and said prayers for all of the families.  

armineh33 armineh33

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Visited this place in December 2012 and April 2013 with Natalie and with Wade

BennyD715 BennyD715

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Saw it in 2001 over Thanksgiving visitng family.  The rubble was still everywhere - the silence in the city was over whemling.

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