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PuddingStaahs PuddingStaahs

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I went to Singapore for a study abroad trip over winter vacation for two weeks. I always wanted to study abroad but it was so expensive. UB offered a study abroad program for leadership training that was only two weeks making it a lot more affordable, so I jumped on the opportunity right away. I absolutely loved my experience there and being able to experience a different culture and see different perspectives.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Visited some good family friends that were living in Singapore at the time - second leg of our family "Around the World" trip!

Kartika Kartika

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3 days, 2 nights: River Safari, Night Safari, Gardens by the Bay, Merlions, Hello Kitty Cafe

jzsaliba jzsaliba

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 JUNE 2-5, 2014

kunlaya.jan kunlaya.jan

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Yes , When i was young , my teacher teach me that Singapore is the clean and safe place .. Now I know true story.. I am working in Singapore more than 1 year and I love Singapore..

carneycat carneycat

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Very Beautiful. Clean and perfect for living. Eventhough Singapore had a lot of rules but those didn't bother me at all. I was amazed by architecture and cultural diversity. I love the way they preserved the forest . I came to National Orchid Garden and that was the best place i've ever come. I had a chance to travel through Singapore river and listerned to story about its history.

qiungoc qiungoc

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The island of the lions :) 


Philippines Philippines

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Stayed in Singapore from November 23 to December 18.

samjoy.eugenio samjoy.eugenio

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This country holds special spot in my heart. A lot of firsts happened here, good and bad! Helped to curve my soul. Experienced hardship of life, taught me how to be independent, gained friends, and of course Love. Been here for three times already and that was all in one year (2007). The best moments of my life happened here. Indeed will definitely wont forget this place. I will surely go back and experience another memories.

kengos kengos

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 Singapore is love

emma.beynon08 emma.beynon08

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Been to Singapore twice with boyfriend and his parents. Very nice and clean city, my favourite! Definitely go again.

bingevil bingevil

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MicheleK MicheleK

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Beautiful city! 

Bratoski Bratoski

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 Visit Singapore

@may_kabyar @may_kabyar

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Singapore is a very lovely country. I went there with my cousins and had a great time there. The places are wonderful. Of them all, Garden By The Bay is my favourite. I really wish to visit Singapore again.

watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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 Singapore was amazing. Lots to see and lots to experience. I will definitely come back!

missanita missanita

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Loved it! What a clean, lovely place to visit!

priyamanak priyamanak

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Singapore in the summer of 2013 was too much fun. Exploring the city's nightlife / shopping / eating experience was awesome !! The city is so full of energy. Loved it <3


audreyaragonb audreyaragonb

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First country I ever visited


reyvenb reyvenb

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Me and my girlfriend (now fiance) went to Singapore for the first time to celebrate our anniversary. We wander around Singapore for about 1 week (October 5-11, 2014). First time (for both of us) to travel outside the country, and it was indeed very memorable.

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