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danzzheiress danzzheiress

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Had a great time exploring Scotland and meeting new people! One of the friendliest bunch ever.


Moore014 Moore014

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During the weekend of 20-21st August 2016 I travelled to Edinburgh by train with Jake to meet Helena and friends from different walks of her life to celebrate her 20th birthday. We did a lot of sightseeing and experienced some of their nightlife. The fringe festival was taking place which added to the already present culture and beauty that Edinburgh had to offer. The atmosphere was amazing and so were the stories and the history you can learn about this place.  

fanny.ferrillo.l fanny.ferrillo.l

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Scotland was really beautiful. My trip began to Edimburg. We went trhow the land by car and that's the perfect transport you can take there. The journey is beautiful... The landscape change between the south and the north. The Isle of Skye was one of the most point of view I ever seen. It's another world, it's a dream.


RaquelTelfer RaquelTelfer

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First we went to Ireland, then Scotland!  My mother, 2 aunts, Lisa & Cari, sister Makayla, and friend, Sharalyn and myself.  We flew in to Glasgow from Ireland, and went to Ayrshire and found the street my grandmother grew up on, Queen's Terrace.  Then Sharalyn and I camped on the Kilkerran estate after accidentally driving up to the Fergusson mansion to ask for directions to it. :)  After that we went to Edinburgh where we stayed at an AirBnB on the Royal mile, saw the castle and crown jewels and finished it off with a pub crawl.  We then headed to Inverness, which was a beautiful drive, camped, and had a fun time at a pub with a French rugby team, and went to a ceilidh.  Next was the highlands, which were scenic-ly amazing!!  We drove over the Bealach Na Ba to Applecross where we stayed in the most amazing bed & breakfast.  We drank much whiskey, and ate the eats.  Lovely time!  Drove a total of 750 miles through Scotland on the left side of the road from the right side of a stick shift car. ;)


toni.currington toni.currington

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Been to Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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It's a beautiful place. I'm staying in a bothy by the ocean, with a view of the mountains and lighthouses from the window. There is beautiful scenery and really interesting wildlife everywhere. It took a long drive in pitch black through the unlit roads in the mountains to get here, so it's truly isolated and very few people come here. It makes you feel as though you have the countryside all to yourself :)


Jesper_Clausen Jesper_Clausen

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 Edinbrugh -2018-

DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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 In 2009, I travelled up to Scotland for the first time for my mum and dad's wedding where we stayed in Gretna Green. We were there for 3 days and it was so lovely and quiet up there. The venue of the wedding was absolutely stunning and was nothing like I expected it to be. I would love to travel there again sometime. 

jennhv7 jennhv7

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twice when I use to live in the UK in the mid 80s

Vihv Vihv

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Great experience


bingevil bingevil

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 First visit 2012 and revisit 2016. One of my favorite place on earth! 

travelbugRose travelbugRose

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 Drove around the country and loved it. 

the_end the_end

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 Some of these are on here twice but it's fun to record all of this. I had a chance to take off work and visit the records office in Edinburgh, Scotland. I hung out around town for a little under two weeks and loved the city. If I hadn't gotten sick the first day there I would have branched out to other areas of the country. Definitely plan on going back. 

Mikill Mikill

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And my university financed it - jackpot. Went to Glasgow for the IATEFL conference (international association for teachers of english as a foreign language). Also made a day trip to Edinburgh, although I have to say, I liked Glasgow way better. Less tourists, more authentic Scotland. 

detritus detritus

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 Been there twice now!! 

brooke.bowman.9231 brooke.bowman.9231

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 Spent 4 days in Scotland with friends Carly, Sauna, Michael, Angel and Jacque! We spend our days in Eninburgh where we were able to see Edinburgh Castle, Tom Riddles grave, The Elephant Cafe, beautiful parks, hike Arthur's Seat, take a walking dead tour, see a Scottish Parade, experience the nightlife in a pub crawl and enjoy some haggis. 

ZacFeighery ZacFeighery

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Went to endinburgh fringe festival in 2018 with Emily 

DeniseJ DeniseJ

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Edinburgh, twice.  Once with family, then with Shauna and Grainne


itsceleste itsceleste

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to edinburgh - great sights, crap weather!


meredith.breckner meredith.breckner

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Most beautiful place I have ever visited!

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