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Bratoski Bratoski

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11 days of never ending walk.

Every place here is sugoi (amazing) !!

2 Days - Osaka

2 Days - Kyoto

2 Days - Tokyo

1 Day - Hakone / Lake Ashi

1 Day - Tokyo

3 Days - Osaka

Can't wait to go back here, not yet done visiting all other beautiful places.

Will post for each bucketlist on each day. Soon. :)

Mamba Mamba

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Plane ticket is booked! Going in july, can't wait!!


I've spent an amazing two weeks in Tokyo! Amazing culture, food and people - all worth visiting for. Japan has an amazing night life with clubs, pubs and bars and arcades. I totally recommend going to Japan at least once in your life just for the experience!

audrey.boyer.355 audrey.boyer.355

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 My childhood dream......*tries not to cry of happiness*

Megan_EB Megan_EB

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 Tokyo! What more can I say! 

Locomelon Locomelon

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I had a personal vacation in Japan for a week, traveling from Narita to Osaka to Kyoto, and finally to Tokyo. It was a wild ride. Words cannot begin to describe the experiences I've had there. Japan is definitely a bucket list destination. 

reckoner27 reckoner27

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 My step father had a Judo competition over there and my mother and me went with him. I was 12 years old at the time and this is definitely the travel that left the biggest impression on me. Everything was different, interesting, incredible, etc. In only 10 days we visited Tokyo and Kyoto and it is a new goal of me to visit Japan again!

watashiannadesu watashiannadesu

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Although I wanted to experience Japan with my family, stuff happens and we have our own lives. I went to Japan by myself. Well, just Tokyo for now. In the future, I will definitely be with my family.

Tammy103 Tammy103

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 Absolutely beautiful!  

micool52 micool52

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February 2007 school trip!!!

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (Onsen)

Klopsik2015 Klopsik2015

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 Absolutelly beautiful :)

NLscoutGirl NLscoutGirl

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Best time of my life. It was at the World scout Jamboree 2015 and I made lots of friends <3

caesibbett caesibbett

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What a fantastic trip! It was over whelming to see just how many people live there, but the people are polite which helped a lot.  

noussen noussen

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 I visited my best friend in Fukuoka and we went to Tokyo for two weeks :)

Bhubeesi Bhubeesi

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I visited Tokyo from the 9th till the 18th of March 2019 for WSKF World Championships. I luckily had the time to visit the different parts of Tokyo as well as Kamakura.

The picture was taken in front of the tomb of Oïshi Yoshio (Oïshi Kuranosuke), leader of the 47 samurai.

kpark kpark

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 Lived in Okubo, Japan for a couple of months. I got to travel to the other cities such as Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. All of the cities were very different from one another but very beautiful. My minimal Japanese was able to get by. Plan to go back!!


Went back to Japan in 2016 and explored new areas! 

CariPup CariPup

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After starting to learn Japanese in 2010 I was eager to visit and use the opportunity to speak to locals. When I moved to China in 2011 I convinced my mum to make the most of being so close to Japan, so a few months later I was walking around in Tokyo, asked for directions and ordered food in Japanese. Little did I know that 2 years later I would be siting (and passing!) a Japanese Language Proficiency test with university students of all ages, with the closest person to my age being 6 years older than me :)

Mirjamest Mirjamest

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I had expected Japan to be mostly large cities with a lot of bright lights, but it ended up being so much more varied than I thought it would be. The culture, the cities, the mountains, the forests, and much more. I warmly recommend!

blaxican23 blaxican23

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Travel to Japan and visit different prefectures. 


Beccabetts Beccabetts

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Visited Tokyo in March 2017 

theadventuredude theadventuredude

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Love experiencing different cultures! Ate awesome food (lots of sushi) and experienced so many new things.

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