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thetravelnutblog thetravelnutblog

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 Very overwhelming at first, especially as we arrived in the park in time for the parade. Otherwise, a nice experience. I would go again, but wait until my children are old enough to go on all the rollercoasters. 

tay_scaifex tay_scaifex

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2015 with Barnsley College.

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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A magical weekend! <3 

babbelvd babbelvd

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 I don't need to explain this right? :-)) Those were three of the most beautiful days in my life ever! I'm not a kid anymore but I really wanted to stay in a Disneyhotel so we slept 2 days in the beautiful Chayenne hotel, Western style. Full Disney experience! <3 

neringacd neringacd

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 Me and my twin sister collaborated together after spending our birthday separately several years in a row. It was the perfect destination for our childhood memories to come back and to celebrate our birthday in the most fun way just together and enjoy the day!!! It was such a sunny and wonderful day full of joy and smiles and laughter!

Qurbin Qurbin

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anyalovesyou anyalovesyou

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Mijn reisweek 2013. 

AElrith AElrith

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 Saw Goofy, Elsa and Ana! Fun times!

Tenja Tenja

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When I was a kid, I always dreamed about going to Disneyland. Everybody around me had gone at least once to Disneyland. Except me.

The day came in November, 2010, when I was 12-13. My aunt had invited me to go with her and my little cousins. I really enjoyed this day. But the thing is, instead of exploring all the attractions, we had spend the day queuing... for kids' attractions that lasted 30 seconds. This is what I regretted afterwards. But I am still grateful to my aunt for having brought me there. 

However, this year, in June, I went to Disneyland for the second time, with one of my best friends. It was wonderful. The sun was shining, it was hot, we laughed all day long, but most importantly: we had so much fun in the attractions. This time, we did not spend the day queuing but having fun. I cannot help it but smile when I recall this day. 

mariasafadi mariasafadi

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I went to Disneyland for Ella's birthday, I loved seeing all the characters because I love Disney films so much! 


Steven Truman Steven Truman

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Had a great time at the park with my wife x 

JoviTempest JoviTempest

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 Went for Christmas with the Best Friends! Met Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel, Cinderella and so many others! 

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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I must say I was little disappointed by the fact that there were not so many huge roller coaster like I have imagined BUT I met Micky Mouse (my favourite cartoon character) and it made me feel like a child again discovering every corner.


Svw1993NL Svw1993NL

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The photo is from 2014 when I went with my girlfriend (and a friend of mine from school and her boyfriend). We went in November when it was Christmas in Disney. It was a great day, even tough it became clear that Disney has not invested a lot of money in the park the last couple of years...

The first time Disneyland was with my parents in 2006. We went to Paris for 3 days; 2 days in the city and 1 in Disneyland. It was the hottest summer in years, it was like 36 degrees when we were in Disney. Because of that it was not that crowded and we went in all the attractions we wanted to.

My second time in Disney was with my class back in 2009 when I attented High school on the Rembrandt College. I spend the day with my -then- best friends: Charlotte and Jennifer. I had made a list with all our favorite attractions and a route so we could easily go from one place to another. We went in all the attractions and many more. It was a perfect day.


charmedpsb charmedpsb

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A magically experience

Been twice with another visit end of October.

Explored Summer, Christmas and soon to be Halloween there :) [email protected]

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Awesome!!!!!! [email protected]

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Visited with my family as a 12 year old. 

kezialives kezialives

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Childhood dream come true 


TheCrazyPenguin TheCrazyPenguin

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 I belong at Disney


liligrvt liligrvt

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