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Visit Cuba

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babbelvd babbelvd

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I can write books about Cuba, it was one of my best vacations ever. The people were really nice, really beautifiul nature and there was so much to do! And don't forget about the Havana rum there! ;-) 


RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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 I was bought a week long trip to Cuba and it was spectacular. It was so unexpected...the country had such a wonderful old-fashioned charm in it's bright colours and immaculate sixties style cars. Everyone was so welcoming and i was amazed at how low the prices were. We were supposed to haggle in the market but i was already getting such a bargain i couldn't bring myself to do it. The only downside was the man-of-war jellyfish, which i gave a wide berth. Other than that, it was an unbelievable trip.

MicheleK MicheleK

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A place I never thought I'd see.... 

dcmckenna dcmckenna

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Fortunate enough to visit this wonderful island whilst the US embargo was still in place. It was really stuck in time. Old cars. No credit cards. No Coca-cola. No fast food chains. Really incredible country and fantastically friendly people.


szitas.gergo.ovb szitas.gergo.ovb

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The best place I've ever been,

Very nice people and a beautiful country.

A must go place for everyone!

Recommended: Havanna (Downtown and Capitol) and Varadero!


Martijn en Bianca Martijn en Bianca

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We went to Cuba from the 9th until the 24th of February 2016 and it was amazing. When possible we will go again next year. Such a beautiful island, nice people and so much to do and see.


brunosartori brunosartori

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rachelcawley1990 rachelcawley1990

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 Great holiday with us and friends for 2 weeks in 2012. Fantastic time!! 

kiwiicancer kiwiicancer

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My dad was in the Navy, we lived on base in GTMO.


dianita817 dianita817

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Ive dreamed to visit cuba with my dad and i finally was able to

DavieU DavieU

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Nov 2013. Havana. Would like to see more of Cuba, outside of Havana.

lakshlr lakshlr

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 Cuba was amazing, their people is so nice, the place is very safe. Their beachs are beautiful. Yo have to dance with the native people, drink mojitos and dance againg. I want to return. There aren't a lot of access to internet but also this is so peaceful.

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