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Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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First visit was a brief one in Gold Coast on layover with some longtime friends!

Future trips will include Melbourne, Sydney (Opera House), Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef.


RossD RossD

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What is the biggest challenge?  Pretty sure for a Canadian kid, the answer is: The Heat.  42C is something I never need to experience again... However, the rest of the country is spectacular.  From the verdant rainforests of Queensland to the incomparable Great Barrier Reef, to the windswept shores of the Great Ocean Road, Australia is a diverse and beautiful country.  Thanks to its immense size and relatively small population, it is still easily possible to have a crystal clear swimming hole all to yourself in Josephine Falls, pluck fresh mangoes in an empty field while koalas look down on you from the gum tree next door, or share a glass of Bartagunya port with your lover on a deserted beach as the sun sets.

catalinaardilarico catalinaardilarico

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Came here from exchange, one of the best experiences of my life so far! Stayed 3 weeks in Sydney with the nicest couple: Marinita and Philip Cooney, took great care of me and showed me around. Also made the most amazing Swedes. With these guys I explored the city, laughed and had the most amazing conversations: Hendrix and Philip gave me the best Valentine's day ever, as well as the most exciting trip to Blue Mountains. 

Melbourne just made me fall in-love immediately, and so did Emilio. Emilio has been the front page of this chapter in my life. Sweet, generous, romantic, wise and fun: The perfect guy. He loves me so so much. We've lived together, and he made sure this experience was like being in a cloud: a 100% dreamy. 

It was also fun, all the people and parties and surf camps, it just never stopped. Going out, having beers in the balcony, going at 4:00 am to mc Donald's. Wow, it is the most random stuff that fulfills you the most. 

Also the traveling, it was The Great Ocean Road Followed by Tasmania (God Tasmania, it was like being in ecstasy, simply hallucinating) followed by all the East Coast, all the way from Cairns (were I sky dived and Scuba dived) to Bayron Bay in a Wicked Van, camping and cooking un public BBQs. It was incredibly COOL. Characters: Emilio, Luciana, Rodrigo and the two Americans: Adam and Megan. Highlights, Noosa sunset and Bayron Bay- Nimbim was a magic/crazy/romantic day. 


mariafmaron mariafmaron

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Best country I've ever been in my life! <3


jordannn jordannn

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good day mate? hoping one day i can go back to this beautiful country. very similar, but very different from America. and i like that 

KineRuud-Nesheim KineRuud-Nesheim

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I was traveling for three months from Sydney to Brisbane. Went on a surfcamp, skydived and had a lot of fun! Straya was amazing!! 

Alec_skalski Alec_skalski

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First road trip, took the plane from Paris - - - ✈ - - - Brisbane.

For 6 months I visited a part of this big country from Byron Bay to Cairns, through Brisbane, Nimbin, the Gold Coast, Airlie Beach, Agnes Water...

On a working holiday visa which means fruit picking... 🍎.... 🍉..... 🍓...... 🍅.......

evie-ina evie-ina

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 Been to Sydney and Melbourne :D

Tasteoftravel Tasteoftravel

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Lived here for 6 months & loved every second!


basASH08 basASH08

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Visit Melbourne, Sydney and Cairns. Hold a Koloa, pet a kangaroo, swim in the Great Barrier Reef. 


ebbatibell ebbatibell

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Thank you to every single one who I met during my travels in Australia. I got to see a lot of breathtaking places and did some awesome activities but the absolute best thing about this adventure is all the new friends I made. Thank you for making every moment so memorable.

vildefs vildefs

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Travelled the east coast of Australia with my Folk School! Greatest country I've visited!  

RunAwaySav RunAwaySav

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 Spent a semester studying abroad in Melbourne! [email protected]

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 3 Months travelling in Australia April 2013-July 2013

CorinneOnTheRoad CorinneOnTheRoad

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I went to Australia in Dezember 2018. 

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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Had a great roadtrip for Christmas 2012 in Australia! Visited Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin. Great place to escape! Will visit again in the future!

hasmu hasmu

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I migrated to Australia 7 months pregnant and have been living here for the past 1 year. I am yet to explore Australia once we are more settled in.

katiekreczman katiekreczman

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sahoo sahoo

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 من دوست دارم به استرالیا سفر کنم. 

chrissatchwell chrissatchwell

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Visited Sydney and Port Douglas. Lot of fun!


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