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I am travelling to NZ in April to compete in the Masters Games, and will spend an extra week or two looking at the North Island. So much to see and do and so little time. I will need to put the South Island back on to my bucket list

This will be my third visit to NZ. The first time I was 3 years old, so I dont remember anything, but the second time was in 1982 and we travelled a good portion of the North Island seeing Auckland, Lake Taupo, Waitomo (where I saw the glow worm caves) and Rotorua ( which stands out with the Geothermic Parks and the sulphur smell)


Darkwhite Darkwhite

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pizzafrisbee84 pizzafrisbee84

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If you've never been to NZ, go.  It is an indescribably beautiful country.  Your life will be changed. 

cazcollis cazcollis

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l have travelled to New Zealand many times as my father was a chef there for more than 20 years so l have done just about everything that the North and South Island has on offer from Sking to flying up Franz Josef in a helicopter and hiking in the snow, walking over the glaciers, and they are truly amazing to look down into from the helicopter, we got stuck in a blizzard that was very unexpected that day it was the fastest trip down the mountain nearly burst my ear drums from the pressure, the awesome foursome another exteme challenge getting flown high into the mountains by helicopter then white water rafting from the top of the shotover river, bungee jumping over the shotover river into a jet boat, jet boating through the rapids on the river, so exciting. Driving all the way around the Islands from Nth to Sth and East to West a really amazing place we did a train trip from Auckland to Wellington then ferry to Blenheim, Milford sound by bus then ferry around the sounds just to many things to mention l could ramble on for days New Zealand is the place for adventure and they sure know how to cater to the tourists they are the best at it.

KatherineKaren KatherineKaren

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What I've always wanted to do.

DrofAx DrofAx

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Best country in the world 

golden-red golden-red

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Well maybe australia and new zealand - but absoloutley definitely New Zealand. 


Preliminary planning is go - looking to go sometime in the next 2 years :)  now to figure out how much money I need to save. 


Update - We went last April and it was amazing and I'd love to go back and see more of it and just do another trip like that. 

francisca.francesca francisca.francesca

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I went to New Zealand with a Working Holiday Visa. I spent 10 months over there, working and traveling. Beautiful landscapes and welcoming people. 

Freedomseeker Freedomseeker

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New Zealand is just the most beautiful country ever. 

So i always wanted to travel there.

And now I'm here! On a one year High School expierience. And I love it! I never want to leave again!

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