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 My daughter is teaching in Australia and is seeing some fantastic things and doing lots of fun adventures like scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, 2 day sailing trip around an island, working on a mission trip with the aboriginees in Darwin, and seeing all kinds of amazing animals, birds,etc.. I want to do all those things too. I went in January 2014 to see my daughter get married to Matt Windsor ( an Aussie ) and I got to feed sharks & stingrays in Melbourne. Also I got to scuba dive with Big Nurse Sharks, Big Stingrays, and Large turtles at the Manley Aquarium!! What a Fantastic Experience!!!!

blaxican23 blaxican23

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 Travel to Australia and hang out with some locals. 

NThomas28 NThomas28

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Family trip to Gold Coast.

Great to spend a week with the kids with no i nteruptions.


prachi1496 prachi1496

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It was one of the best journey of my entire life. And surely the one I'm gonna cherish forever. 


SabreLi SabreLi

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Travel to Australia


lois.gail lois.gail

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 I took an absolutely spectacular trip to Australia!  It had been a lifetime destination and it was fantastic.  I don't know why I waited so long. I started out in Southern Australia, Melbourne (7 years in a row it has been rated as the world's most livable city!) and from there flew to Northern Australia, to Cairns, which is essentially the entry to the Great Barrier Reef, and then Sydney was my final destination.  All locations are beautiful and uniquely remarkable.

I was very surprised that there were rainforests in both the southern and northern areas!!

Below are a couple of photos from the Sydney area.

AussieDiveGirl AussieDiveGirl

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Austrialia was amazing!  Scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef, traveled up the coast of Queensland (Brisbane to Cairns).  Heron Island was INCREDIBLE!!!  Bundaburg rum was also tasty :)  

PandaIrene PandaIrene

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Ive traveled Australia for a year. with my (ex)girlfriend. It was absolutely amazing, I still say it was the best year of my life. Ive learned so much, met so many wonderful people. And ever since i cant imagine life living in the same house for years and years. I wanna travel. Now, tomorrow, everyday, for the rest of my life


Sophie_Zariah Sophie_Zariah

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I've never been. It's my first goal on my list and a bit of a cheat because a couple of weeks a go I grabbed the gauntlet off the floor and booked it. 

My bedside table is littered with travel guides and I am trying to get my head around the vastness of the country, which coming from the UK is literally half a world away. 

I'm there for about 3 weeks, going from Sydney to Port Douglas*.

I'm also going on my own so this will be slightly scary(especially the first day),but I feel exhilarated knowing that it's booked and yes I am going.

* (Visiting Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Noosa, Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, Cairns, Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas... Oh and starting in Sydney!)

Will let you know how it goes! Now only have to wait til November until I'm off... *sigh*.

ashleighj ashleighj

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Brisbane/Gold Coast

Dreamworld, White Water World, Movie World, Sea World,  Wet N Wild.

wildandwandering wildandwandering

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Amazing - I highly recommend the Great Ocean Road! 

troddy27 troddy27

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New Years Trip w/ Chris and Patrick Bialko (trip of a lifetime!)

Australia then New Zealand --- celebrated New Years twice

1st one in New Zealand

2nd one in Hawaii


angela_z angela_z

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Explored Western Australia. Perth, Coral Bay, Exmouth, and Karijini. 

angeleeka29 angeleeka29

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My father was on sabatical in Perth on the Western Coast and my mother and I flew over and met him in Sydney for a vacation:

  • Sydney:  visited the Aquarium, drank my first legal glass of wine
  • Cairns:  met the Aboriginals, saw the rainforest, ate Aboriginal food, threw a boomerang, held a Koala bear, feed a wallaby, saw a wombat

I rate this experience a level 8.

KaraAgnarsdottir KaraAgnarsdottir

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Went in 2001 as a Student Ambassador for People to People International.

mimmz mimmz

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Australia is probably as far away from Sweden as you can get. Also I have always wanted to go here; to see kangaroos and koala bears, to surf and to meet lots of new people. So one day I just booked a ticket with my sister. I'm actually here right now, sitting in our apartment in Melbourne and enjoying the freedom of being so far away from everyone at home! Love Australia!

Kelbake Kelbake

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The land of Oz is such a wonderful place to visit. Words cannot describe the love I have for this country.

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