Travel to all 7 continents

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andersonsf andersonsf

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North America-done (all over the place, includeing Canada)

Asia-done (Japan, Philippine Island)

Australia-done (Melborne)

4 more to go.

Mary1954 Mary1954

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Done 01/2015.


basilmoons basilmoons

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I have Antartica, Australia, and South America left. On a long weekend my father promised that we could travel to Peru, which would cover South America. Then my mom went to Australia becuase her best friend won and trip there for her and one other person (and she took my mom), and my mom loved it, so we might be going back soon. For Antartica? I don't know how/when I'll get there. People to people goes there for their Junior year in high school, so I might participate in that.

Frenki Frenki

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Been to Oceania (Australia), Asia (India), Africa (Egypt), America (States and Carribeans) and I live in Europe (Italy)... missing the Poles? Well I've been over the Arctic Polar Circle... at least.


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