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I have stage 3 grade 3 progressive breast cance r. It is a tough 3rd. And treatment; yet the unbeilable bless ings anrppiness I have apply to my life makes me a positiv e energetic spiritual person. With possible death comes with what is most important and who am I. I am loving grateful compassion strong laughing and try to inspire others that even with cance r I have a great life. I must just focus on France

ElyseJuorio ElyseJuorio

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A thing like this is truely five stars because this is such a large thing to wish for.

at 16 years of age I have seen Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamacia, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium/Holland, England, which is pretty cool.

in April I go to Spain again, In June Bulgaria and in July Germany, Luxemborg, Austria, and possibly Sweden again with my family vacation.


bazzybas bazzybas

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I wanna see the world!

helen.houdoe helen.houdoe

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Did half...:D 1,5 years

Steven Steven

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Mostly on someone else's dime.

guitargibbets guitargibbets

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I've been to North America, Europe and the Middle East.


ofarrell.liam ofarrell.liam

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been to a lot of places all over the world


keontehicks75 keontehicks75

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travel the world with all of my family before i hit 30


steen steen

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so many places i have seen,so many more to go......the world is a beautiful place

MichelleCook MichelleCook

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Traveled to 11 different countries in 11 months from September 2010 through July 2011...

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