Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands

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EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I did this, but because I'm a terrible shot, it took me about five tries to even land on the map instead of the floor or the wall (I'm not the one you should be trusting to defend your sea with, haha), then it landed on the sea about four times, which was fun, but I'm not into drowning, so I didn't go. It landed on Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in the end, which was super fun and awesome. I went with my bf of sorts, who really didn't like this game, but agreed to go with me anyway. It's a really good way to get to know new countries and to get more out of your vacation days. I'd recommend it, but maybe clear your schedule because you will be landing in the sea, a lot.

ClockworkGypsy ClockworkGypsy

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I threw a dart and moved there. Panama for 3 years, Prague for a year and a half. Budapest for a year.


cherieo57 cherieo57

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 It's how I ended up living where I am

gabster1205 gabster1205

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Ended up going to Norway in February 2009

strilish strilish

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 Travel crazily! My Dart ended up in Tungabadra, and I traveled to Hampi!

karl.mathews.18 karl.mathews.18

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in florida 1417 16th st w i throw a dart a map and hit new mexico my name is karl so moved to carlsbad nm 


M_C_McBride M_C_McBride

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riddhi.shukla23 riddhi.shukla23

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Just Wow!!!!!!!!

twinklebachani twinklebachani

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Travel the world with the one I love. Never Ending Bucketlist...

parthparikh4691 parthparikh4691

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aja aavi gai...

i love the place.....<3<[email protected] Done Done london

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