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cailey.dennis cailey.dennis

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i love it 

laura.cody.33 laura.cody.33

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Hard work!! Covered in friction burns and bruises... Very enjoyable though and a great work out. I will carry on going once a week.


julie.alva.58 julie.alva.58

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This was actually one of the first things I was able to check off my list. I have always been very self conscious over my weight and very shy period. I wanted something that would make me embrace my body and put myself in an uncomfortable situation to bring me out of my shell. Boy this was IT. haha I ended up taking 4 months of classes before my second job and my fear of inverted pole moves surpassed my gutsiness. I never new how much upper body and core went in to Pole dancing. I learned Pole dancing and stripping are 2 completely different things. I now have my own pole... which is starting to gather dust but I dont know for how long ;)

Facethefear Facethefear

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Taking pole dancing classes with my best mate

amberketchum amberketchum

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It was a blast!  Had so much fun with the girls!

JudithDee JudithDee

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Today we took a poledancinglesson. It was so much Fun!!

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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Amazing! This sports is addictive for sure. As I just moved to a different country, I already miss my Mallorcan Pole Family but I will definitely go looking for a new one here! 

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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I met a friend recently who is up for adventures of all kinds.  We took a kayaking class together then exchanged numbers after the class was over. We have made plans to do rock wall climbing, pole dancing and who knows what else.  My friend found us a paddle board teacher and we took paddle boarding lessons together, that was challenging but fun.  I guess I thought that pole dancing was on the sleazy side, but after reviewing a few videos on You tube, I see that it can be very graceful and a heck of an upper body workout!!! I am in!!!

emileewilson emileewilson

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Pole Dance class opened me up to a new way of being..I became very involved in the pole dancing world and was inspired so much I began performing, managing dancers and producing shows! I even made a movie called Pole-itics. Although it was only an incredible 5 year stint, however, I'm glad I did it and if you're reading this, you should take a class immediately! 

captainlissyxx captainlissyxx

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Gymbox - Accomplished hello boys and invert


en muista en muista

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My first impression on the pole dance center was already good because of their website and the easiness of the booking system, but the pole hall felt so cosy and the people there were so nice I knew the class would be awesome.

And so it was.

We started with warm up and then gone through a couple basic pole dance moves. Some of them were easy and some, say, impossible (the move where you stay on your forearms, leaning to the pole). Anyway, I learned a lot and got a couple of bruises and my muscels hurt, but now I understand why are people talking about pole dancing with that enthusiasm.

And I am so going to another pole class!


jessika.madson jessika.madson

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The best thing I ever do in my life, is fun, somethimes hard, but the experience is amazing!

lisaoz16 lisaoz16

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Brighton Mystery Trip - October 2012

With Amy, Emma, Lisa J, Kate, Hannah and Lorretta

patteemndz patteemndz

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LOVE IT!!! I felt so sexy, I got some bruises, but it was awesome.


jayjaye jayjaye

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Did 6 weeks of pole fitness classes with some workmates! So much fun

Kementari Kementari

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A little shy at first... especially as the curtain was missing from the main window... But once we started learning the basics and the moves, it became so much fun! It requires a lot of strength to do the moves, which you would never realize watching others dancing on the pole.

emily.fine.94 emily.fine.94

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Bruised my shins but it's a great work out for your upper body

conoriscool conoriscool

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Best thing I ever did! I have so much more confidence in myself now.

blissfullyyouthful blissfullyyouthful

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Awesome!!!! Best thing I've ever done!!!

Current progress: Beginner 1 Course - COMPLETE!

Currently doing weekly casual classes until my Beginner 2 Course starts next week!


Can't wait.....so so empowering. Highly recommend to ANYONE!!!

cherisse.abasali cherisse.abasali

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 A lot harder than it looks...very painful but satisfying.

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