Swing from a rope into a lake

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LeonaIrving LeonaIrving

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danae2525 danae2525

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i might do a 360

jeremymartin88 jeremymartin88

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I feel this is almost a rite of passage as a Canadian and I am proud to say I have done it an many occasions. Check out the attached video for proof!


baederp baederp

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Lake Martin, AL 

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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In cenotes on lake Bacalar 

ellareimer99 ellareimer99

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Did this when in Quesnel with Alli. We went swimming at this lake with Alli’s friend and her family and there was this huge rope swing from a tree! Alli’s friend, Melissa, dared me to jump from it, so after many minutes of standing on the platform, I did it! I jumped! It felt amazing, flying through the air. At first I thought my momentum would make me lose my grip and fall in the rocks. But I didn’t and then I was hanging in midair, way over the lake. When I dropped into the lake, I hit so hard that my hand was jerked from my nose and I got a massive nosebleed! But it was crazy fun and I did it a bunch more! Later, I actually wrote a poem about it...

Standing on the platform

way up in the sky

staring at the rope swing. 

It’s so so way up high!


Should I do it?

Can I go?

I’m gonna do it. 

Oh no no no!


Close my eyes and jump. 

Free fall to the ground. 

Free fly o’er the water. 

Ears and heart apound. 


I’m at the end of rope. 

I’m hanging in the air. 

Water far below me. 

Breezes in my hair. 


Down down down I plummet. 

Plunge into the lake. 

Bubbles all around me

rising in my wake. 


Float up to the surface. 

Shake the lake from my hair. 

Come on girls, let’s go again!!

I’m still afraid

but I don’t care! 



tgeitner tgeitner

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I was about 12 years old when I went to visit my friend's Dad with her in West Virginia. While we were there he took us to a local lake. We never wanted to leave the place! It had a high dive and low dive, platforms floating in the middle, and a huge rope swing. I talked us both into doing the rope swing. I couldn't let her brother (who was only a year or two older than us) have too much ammo to make fun of us with. He was the only one who would attempt the high dive. I think that was the day I lit the spark of adventure in me. It was only a small burning ember, but it was enough to get the fire started.

hattie.3 hattie.3

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louise.mat louise.mat

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vincristen vincristen

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it was fun! 

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I have done this both into a pool and a lake. While living in Silverton Oregon there was this spot that had a rope swing. I have gone off of it many times and will return to this swimming spot just for the rope swing. This is the rope swing I have gone off of many times!! One time I decided to spin going off of it and when I landed in the water I ended up bruising my ass. it was still fun and worth it! 




PizzaPepe05 PizzaPepe05

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Went camping with on a mother and kids trip. We hiked in our bathing suits and found a rope swing. so much fun! Remember to let go!!! Can't remember the exact date of when I completed this goal but it was fun!


paws21112 paws21112

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A lot of fun!


Linylad668 Linylad668

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When I was a kid and we would go to the rainbow river there was a tree that had a rope and it was like a rule that you couldn't just pass by it. It's gone now but I still very much go down the river and jump from a branch on that very tree to pay my respect to the memory of the rope.

shacker shacker

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Have done this many times in my life, in many lakes!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6427640367/in/photostream


Greeniestapple Greeniestapple

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While I was on a cruise in Mexico we stopped by where Alien and the Predator was shot and they had a natural pool with a rope. I've always wanted to try it so I was pretty hyped and probably went no less than 10 times.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6533715563

noahsalling noahsalling

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It was the summer at Abu's :)

Belette Belette

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Well, technically I swung from a rope into a river.

twinter twinter

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Sooo much fun.  I would like to do this again!

bmblade91 bmblade91

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Branson, Missouri back in 2009 with 3 of my best friends at the time!  I remember being the 1st one to attempt to backflip off the rope swing and do a spiderman hang from it before diving in!  I miss those times but they were fun!! :D





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