Successfully create an optical illusion

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ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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If you look at it dark dots will appear in the crossovers.

Reema Reema

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Made a painting inspired by Vector Vasarely as a project for school, but it still counts :P

bitchfist bitchfist

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 Did that in Six Flags with an iPad and a mirror. The picture looks a little shitty, but here ya go. o3o

kazbomb kazbomb

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Easter 2014, What a great idea to make it seem as though the Choccy Bunny looks like the size of a human!


Zahraa127 Zahraa127

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 I created an optical illusion as a school art project, with my friends and it turned out great!

robin.fuscowalker robin.fuscowalker

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We made the optical illusion where the water was coming out of the faucet but with no piping bringing the water to it.. Pretty cool, and it was a hit at our party..

segeme08 segeme08

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Completed list...



tegzidoll tegzidoll

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 I designed a browband that created an optical illusion

BennyEsparra BennyEsparra

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 The illusion: telekinesis of objects.  Nuff said!

Pearandginger Pearandginger

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This one is for you - until I convince you to create you own list x

HayleyEverett HayleyEverett

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Thanks MT. 

lukefourfour lukefourfour

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I followed a youtube video and printed off this dinosaur which looks at you and moves as you move it was pretty cool.

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