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Mikill Mikill

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 One year in Arkansas, USA (Hendrix College)

saiful.brac saiful.brac

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 One of my dreams was to finish my masters from abroad, as a Bangladeshi citizen, I finished it from USA.

thedragon74111 thedragon74111

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 It was an exchange program. Though it lasted for just 10 days, I learned and saw a lot of amazing things. I also traveled around many different places around Japan 

maryandrikus maryandrikus

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It was one of the best academy experience in my life. The experience was totally worth the money and time. I gained inspirational friends, lived in the moment, and improved my Spanish skills. 

Milo15 Milo15

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 I have been studying in Florence, Italy for a year. With my dog, my Swedish roommate and her dog.  2014-2015

dugrul dugrul

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23 success stories

Technische Universität München, Sommer 2013

caro_alva caro_alva

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Had the opportunity to study abroad twice. Once in high school where I went to Italy for two and a half weeks as I was learning Italian. The other time I went to South Africa and Rwanda for university as part of a two week intensive course (one in South Africa and one in Rwanda). Both times I had questioned myself and was afraid to go. Both times I pushed through and had the most memorable experiences of my life. 

CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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 In February 2018, I traveled to Granada, Spain and studied Spanish for a week. We went to a language school to study in the mornings, and then in the afternoons we did various sight-seeing stuff - including the beautiful Alhambra! Overall, a fantastic trip!

emzaqwen emzaqwen

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I had the privilege to study abroad for 6 months in Budapest, Hungary. Along the way, I was able to also visit:

  • Hungary:
    • Eger
    • ​Szentendre
    • ​Visegrad
    • Szilvasvirad
    • Esztergom
    • ​Skanzen
  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Venice
    • Florence
    • Siena
    • Verona
    • Padua
    • Pisa
  • Austria
    • Salzburg
    • Vienna
  • Czech Republic - Prague
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • France - Paris
  • Switzerland - Bern
  • Slovakia - Bratislava
  • Slovenia - Maribor
  • Spain
    • Granada
    • Sevilla
    • Malaga
    • Madrid
  • d


Gnarly.Carly Gnarly.Carly

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47 success stories

I've always wanted to study abroad! I got an email about a scholarship specifically for study abroads, making me realize it was a more realistic goal. I was walking down the hall at my university and saw a flyer for a program in Brazil (um, did I mention, during the world cup?!) "That's it", I thought. I quickly applied for the program, and the scholarship. Well, I didn't get the scholarship, so I got 2 jobs instead, and still made it happen!

This is at the first Fifa Fan Fest of the 2014 Cupo de Mundo! 

kastevenson97 kastevenson97

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21 success stories

 Florence ISA study abroad summer 2017 (June 21-July 14)

Garfunkle92 Garfunkle92

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38 success stories

 Sweden 2016. Went to Stockholm with my history class. We went to museums and a concert. Stayed in a boat-tel for a week. Had the best time with amazing people. I learned that there are better things out there. Life doesn't have to be the way it is now, or where we are now. 

ryttu3k ryttu3k

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26 completed goals

27 success stories

Fall 2010 at University of Arizona, Flagstaff. Long way from Australia!


paperflake:) paperflake:)

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20 success stories

quitted my job for a year of studies in tokyo.

it's an awesome city - fast-paced and creative, famous of its technology on one hand and with scenic nature on the other. people are kind and polite, im also impressed by how much they respect their professions and persist on working towards perfection

one of the best decision i've made in life so far.


cmvkeene cmvkeene

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11 success stories

As an undergrad I was unable to study abroad due to my major and the courses that were offered.  When I began my graduate degree, I decided that if I had the opportunity I would never turn it down.  I then stumbled upon the opportunity to study abroad in England, and did not even think twice.  

Ketty Ketty

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7 success stories

Aarhus, Denmark

Living the dream...


ArtbirdJay ArtbirdJay

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4 success stories

 Studying abroad was amazing! We went to three different countries: Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic! Our tour guide was amazing, the hotels were great, and the food was soooo good! I am definetly going to go on another study abroad trip next year! 

muhammadsutton999 muhammadsutton999

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19 success stories

I studied in a village called Dammaj in the northern mountains of Sa'adah, Yemen from 2000 to 2004.

epambrus epambrus

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6 success stories

Studying Abroad was one of the best choices I have ever made. I learned so much and was able to grow as a person and realize just how independent I could be. 

Alyssa47 Alyssa47

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Studying abroad was everything I expected and more. When I told people I would be studying abroad they all were so supportive and excited for the adventure I was about to embark on. They told me it would be live changing and while I was excited I didn't quite believe them. However they were right, it was life changing. I learned so much about myself and met my best friend along the way. If anybody gets the opportunity to study abroad they should grab it with both hands and take the leap.


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