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chellobean chellobean

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 Somewhere hidden in a box at my mother's house, I'm sure I have a picture of me actually standing under this waterfall, but that is almost 6000 kilometres away! So, this photo shall do for now. I used to go to Rock Glen often with my family, probably every summer for a while. We loved standing on the rocks under the falls, walking through the clay in the river, and finding crawfish. 

islamnassar islamnassar

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during my AIESEC exchange in south sulawesi in summer 2013 and it was a hell of an experience 

karin.ayuni karin.ayuni

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Cold, refreshing water, you want to drink it lol, climb the waterfalls, at some points scary but worth every moment.


jtayb jtayb

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In complete darkness, BJ and I climbed through this cave which took us to an extremely tall room with a waterfall coming through the ceiling. This was taken outside the cave. It gives me goosebumps to remember - truly an amazing experience! 

JGriffioen JGriffioen

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Las Musas, San Ramon Costa Rica

Chia Chia

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Completed: Langkawi July 2015

blance24 blance24

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Funnest hike EVER!

cestamber cestamber

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I saw the biggest in Europe: the Krimmler Waterfall.


jessparkesx jessparkesx

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I was away on a residential with the Team Programme, The Princes Trust. It was when we went gorge walking up in Aviemore in the summer of 2013

LadyLynn LadyLynn

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This was part of a birthday weekend adventure!

ms9808 ms9808

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October 2014


sebastian.hoffmann.792 sebastian.hoffmann.792

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national parc Krka, Croatia! Most beautiful place if have ever been.

Anurag999 Anurag999

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felt too cold to get in high mountain water


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I stood under the waterfall for the first time in Summer 2014. I felt the rough and VERY loud message on my shoulders and head. But the second time was even better - I stood INSIDE the waterfall. Boy was it frightening. I was afraid of staying inside because I thought the stone could break at any time. But I was afraid to go outside as well. But there were my family members so there was nothing to be afraid of. It is an experience I will never ever forget. The picture shows the waterfall from second time (first one was inside the Canyon).

Csilla Csilla

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In San Sebastian, Puerto Rico I went to both waterfalls, Gozalandia and Salto Collazo but stood properly under the second one which hurt a lot, but I did it and I'm really proud of it as I wanted to do this for so long. 

amansingh9097 amansingh9097

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it was when i went on a solo trip to chikkmanglur. I stood under the "Zhadi Waterfall" It was fun. Wanna do it again :D


kevmeister36 kevmeister36

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 i was in the Dominican Republic 10 years  ago when i went on the day trip and we ended up at this waterfall 

candymunchesd candymunchesd

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Went to the 4 Waterfalls trail in Wales! Really enjoyed the experience- it was scary moving on the rocks to get o the waterfall since they were slippy but I'm glad I did it. Was nice and misty behind the waterfall.

bucketmoore bucketmoore

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I did this whilst canyoning in Piha, New Zealand.

It wasn't as big as I had hoped for but I have done it.

kayarrjay kayarrjay

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