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chellobean chellobean

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 What a great experience! I was lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Alberta and see this wonderful mountain range. Not only see it, but get to ride to what seemed like the top of the world and see this amazing view.

Jaime_Goncalo Jaime_Goncalo

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 This was during my summer vacation in my homeland, Madeira. I did the trail to Pico Ruivo, and experienced amazing things. Trough the trail i´ve found a little bird and it settled in my hand to eat the piece of bread that i had, it was fun!! Then, i continued the journey to the very top. I arrived up there and felt like that the world was under my feet. It´s 1862 meters above the sea level. Amazing views up there.

kzelem kzelem

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It was wonderful! Being with a group of awesome people definitely makes the entire experience better.

Mac_79 Mac_79

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Unfortunately, the first mountain I ever climbed was filled with a group of screaming teenagers at the top, which totally ruined the whole mood.  


jacquilyngonzalez jacquilyngonzalez

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Me and my husband just got back from vacation we went to the mountains in North Carolina and we climbed a mountain it was so beautiful and standing at the top of that mountain made me feel like I was on top of the world

danzzheiress danzzheiress

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Fell in love with hiking so off I went to hike in the UK and the Philippines. Best hikes would be in Cornwall and Scotland. Absolutely breathtaking.

bealion90 bealion90

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Mt Bartle-frere 

Ruby. Ruby.

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That long and tiring walk that goes on and on for hours, with sweat gathering on your brow and your muscles screaming for a break. Then just when you feel like you are about to fall over you are met with that amazing view. The feeling of success and joy makes you smile, you lift your arms to the sky and shout into the oblivious space and the world below! 

There is another feeling, and that is when you run on nimble feet for an hour, up and up and up. Then when you reach the top, just starting to feel tired and you look down with a wide smile. The world is a beautiful place. 


Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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I've been a skiier and hiker all of my life, so fortunately I've had the opportunity to stand on many mountains. This picture below was from the Wasatch Valley range in Utah, where my buddy Evan and I hiked up to stand on top (and ski down) one of the ranges many peaks!

yannick1986 yannick1986

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J'ai grimpé au sommet du Lady McDonald à Canmore en Alberta

Anurag999 Anurag999

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it was a long hike upto there,,,and also i was lost on my way down on woods

goanna goanna

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2524 m (school trip)

meachamaudrey meachamaudrey

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Switzerland is beautiful 

MeLlamoMilagro MeLlamoMilagro

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 Checked off last August 24, 2014. 

heatherhopp heatherhopp

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I hiked to the top Mt. Lincoln at Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe area. It was a hard climb, but once I reached the top the views were incredible!

howie824 howie824

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I went to Switzerland and I stood on top of Mount Lucerne on my 18th golden birthday.

paintthesky paintthesky

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rangotango20012 rangotango20012

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I loved outward bound so much.

jec116 jec116

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The 1st of August, 2014.

I went hiking on top of a mountain, we went to the snow in the middle of the summer, and I had a snowball fight on top of that mountain. There were wild horses there as well.

It was beautiful

callummiller4 callummiller4

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one of the best feelings ever and holly was thier aswell 

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