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thenephilim thenephilim

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I used an on-line tutorial on You Tube.

cara.m.coffey cara.m.coffey

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 Took a while to learn all of the algorithms but well worth it, so glad I learned how to do it as not one of my friends can do it. 

yoad956 yoad956

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Took me 8 hours 

weisakura weisakura

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Aahhh I finally solved it!! So I was literally stuck at solving the top phase for like sooo long, and then I was always wondering how they made the 'T' at every side and I always couldn't. And the instructions I had was just plain hard to understand so basically I was wondering every single day on when I could actually finish my rubiks cube - and it happened today.

It sounds pretty funny when you think of it, but this morning as usual I took up my rubiks cube and tried to flip through the techniques again, but this time I decided to focus on all the colours around the cube - and not just the top colour (well, I guess I was pretty stupid last time) - and BAM! The long awaited 'T' appeared!! I was kinda surprised at my sudden success and was determined to keep on solving it.

And strange thing is, I managed to solve right until I was left with only 4 top edges unsolved! But things kinda got haywired at that part and I messed it up and resolved it for 2 more times before I finally solved the whole cube!! Woohoo!! It's an amazing experience to finally do something you wanted to do for so long! ^-^


dstempke dstempke

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I bought one last weekend and was able to solve it in a couple of days.  I used a couple of videos on YouTube to solve it.  Solving it wasn't as satisfying as I thought it would be.  I can solve it consistently in 3-5 minutes.  My cube doesn't spin like you see on videos and gets stuck if it's not lined up perfectly.  Coordination could improve, but I have no hesitation on what to do next.

ryanperry ryanperry

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Ever since I watched my firend solve his cube in less than a minute it made me want to solve one. 


Complete: I solved my cube for the first time, and felt quite confident. I am now moving on to more difficult and complex cubes for fun! i suggest that you get a cube and try to solve it! :D

labellavita labellavita

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queenlinake queenlinake

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My sister gave me a Rubik's cube for Christmas. That night I couldn't sleep so I spent most of my time trying to solve the Rubik's cube. Eventually I solved it.

My fastest time that I am aware of is 46 seconds. Not very fast... maybe I should try doing it blindfolded or with one hand or with my feet? Haha, nah I'm good with just knowing I can solve it. Maybe when I have nothing else to do I'll try it blindfolded.

linder_lou linder_lou

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i learned how in eleventh grade. a few times a year i forget and reteach myself.

TheWalker TheWalker

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Solve a Rubiks Cube without help or instructions.

naveickel naveickel

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Check out my completion of this item at my website!






sarahfulton sarahfulton

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I learned how to solve a rubik's cube on YouTube! Now I can solve one is about 5 minutes - start to finish :)

Baileycat200 Baileycat200

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Some friends of mine started getting interested in Rubik's cubes and I said, "Why not?". So I learned how in about a year and a half. It was really fun accomplishing, and I am now learning how to do the 4x4 cube.

dani305 dani305

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figure out the algorithms and get faster at it. No longer shall it elude me!

Used youtube for hints. Wonderful distraction for when have a few minutes to kill.

rladero rladero

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Done that. I love the feeling of leaving people in awe.

anushree.wagh1203 anushree.wagh1203

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aninya taught me. a 3 by 3. can solve in less than a minute!


walliver walliver

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It's quite easy, really.

makaeyla.zamora makaeyla.zamora

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I felt very accomplished (: 

MeganDeffert MeganDeffert

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but I forgot how


i2dark4light i2dark4light

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Learned it using youtube on my own when I was 11, still a fun thing to do :)

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