Sleep in an overnight train

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S4ramiu S4ramiu

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Traveling summer 2001 

elfen elfen

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I did this as I went from Aarhus, Denmark (where I live) to Paris, France to visit my boyfriend, who's an exchange student there at the time.I had breakfast at home (oat meal with milk), lunch in the train (rye bread with cheese), dinner in Hamburg (pretzel and beer), where I changed train and breakfast in Paris (crossaint).

I'm not much of a fan of flying, because I get very nervouse before hand. This was a really nice way of travelling. It took a long time (about 19 hours), but  it was a lot more relaxing for me. It was also cheaper than a plane ticket, and I arrived in the middle of Paris, so I didn't have to take (and pay) for a bus to and from the airports. 

chewa11 chewa11

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It was only 14 hours or so, but that trip was the worst journey I had ever taken. It was in China where my family and I took the train from Guongzho to somewhere around the Guiling Mountain. My mom, brother and I shared a cabin with 3 other people. There was nothing separating the beds from the hallway which were teeming with loitering passengers. This was because the ceiling was not very high, so with 3 beds per wall, an adult could only sit properly on the bottom bunk. In the middle and top beds, an adult could only sit slouched. My least favorite place was the bathroom. There weren't enough of them ​so the lines were always long, and the toilets were all squaties (ie: steel holes in the floor that you had to squat over), which meant that the floor was always wet. This wouldn't matter if I hadn't gotten so sick that fluids were coming out of me from both ends. The worst thing about squaties was that it took SO MUCH EFFORT to arrange my body so I wouldn't mess myself. I had to pull my pants to my ankles, keep my feet as wide as they could go, hold on to the bars and lower myself as low as I could go. Then I had to use my whole body to pull myself up. This took a lot of energy for someone who couldn't keep anything down the whole day. I'm sure my illness colored the whole experience. I would love to try it again as a healthy person. Plus, I'm sure Chinese trains nowadays are a lot cleaner (and the passengers less likely to spit onto the floor) than they were in the 90's.

WolfProphet WolfProphet

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I went from NYC to ATL on Amtrak A couple tips to make it a 5 Star: 1.Bring a Buddy- if going solo make sure you sit next to someone who you will enjoy conversating with. Trust me. You'll be sitting next to them at least bare min 8hrs.. You'll want a good conversation at some point. 2. Keep the chargers on your person- there are plugs and you'll end up using them. 3. Bring a laptop- watch dvds or downloaded movies. Or stream Netflix from your phone to your laptop since wifi is not always available. 4. Bring loads of snacks.. and dinner. Sushi is not available on board. 5. Bring flavor drink packets- on a budget? Stop and get instant french cappuccino, or tea, or instant coffee packets from deals/dollar tree. Hot water is always free. 6. Bring a blanket- you may get chilly 7. Take loads of pictures!

Ketutar Ketutar

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I love sleeping in a train. One moves forward and yet sleeps comfortably on a bed. So if you don't feel like watching the views, travel by night and sleep.


TheMargorita TheMargorita

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Slept on a train when I was a little girl with my mom and brother and sister, visiting my grandmother in Aniston, Alabama.  This picture is a sleeper going to Chicago.  I went with my family, my dad's partner and his family, in 1972.

sophisticatedspeedboat sophisticatedspeedboat

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It was crazy.  I was so exhausted from running around all day that I didn't even notice the bumpiness.  Honestly, it was one of the best nights of sleep I've ever had.


Turtlebeard Turtlebeard

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We traveled on the Siberian Railway from Beijing to Pyongyang, back through Beijing to Mongolia and eventually Russia


jeremiahmeaghan.johnson jeremiahmeaghan.johnson

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I spent many of nights on sleeper trains well living in China. t was the cheapest way to travel across the country! 


bucketmaster bucketmaster

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Amtrak Train from California to Colorado through the Rocky Mountains was amazing! It took 34 hours to get there but it was well worth the scenery.   


rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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I spent 36 hours on a sleeper train in India with my sister traveling to Goa. It was surprisingly comfortable and We met some lovely young students sharing our compartment. They shared there mums homemade food with us, very tasty. 



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I slept in an Overnight Train twice on a trip to and back from Rovaniemi, Finland (Santa Claus Village). It was not as relaxing as I had thought it to be: Our drunken neighbour had left his room for a cigarette  and when returning, he tried to get into ours instead. But since the key card did not work, he started knocking against our door like mad trying to wake up his wife (he thought was sleeping inside).



minhtyle minhtyle

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I did this way back when in Vietnam. The sounds of the train are surprisingly calming to hear and fall asleep to. 

Jenniekal Jenniekal

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In Russia...

kellylinzey kellylinzey

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While traveling in China I slept in a couple different kinds of over night trains... very interesting and different from what I thought it would be. The first one had people stacked 4 high! There were about 60 or so people per car. Thats a lot of sleeping people! The second one was more of a private compartment that only slept 4.  I liked that one much better. 

mollywho mollywho

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From London to Paris July 2010 :)

It was insanely hot and uncomfortable waiting for the train to leave the station. I got the top left bunk, which luckily was where the window was... We didn't leave the station for an hour, so I enjoyed sticking my feet outside to cool down. Once en route, it was much better with the AC.

Terribly difficult to sleep on those trains since it's so small and loud. I think i developed a phobia from the swaying motion... Kept feeling like we were goign to crash or topple over.

Not pacifying at all :/

Flaxenhaircynic Flaxenhaircynic

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Trans-Siberian Railroad June 2013-July 2013


templedeer templedeer

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In Germany coming back from Köln ToTübingen

machtnurspass machtnurspass

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Done in Thailand ! Wonderfull experience !


liveit-loveit liveit-loveit

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chiang mai to Bangkok

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