Shower under a waterfall

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My mother and I hiked deep into the forest in search of the waterfall. Without a map to guide us it took much longer than it should have. Upon finally finding it, I used a rope to get up to the rocks behind the waterfall. While it was a little low on water pressure that day, I had a very nice shower and some nice pics to proove it :) Another check on the list.


alv6gl8 alv6gl8

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 I did this back in Spain, while I was visiting a friend in her hometown. She took us for a walk upstream a river, and we ended up in this amazing little spot! Unforgettable experience!

Bad_jens Bad_jens

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Traveling through Virginia we passed by a waterfall called Falling Springs Falls and just had to do it. It was the largest waterfall I had seen that seemed possible to shower under, so I hopped the fence, climbed down the mountain and went. Crazy experience, standing underneath the waterfall and looking up, watching the water pour down on you from above. Truly didn't feel real, like I was standing in a movie.

abhayagg abhayagg

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nadzsb25 nadzsb25

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Baler 2012

SkinDoll SkinDoll

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Centre parcs, discovery cove and typhoon lagoon


connorjacobsen connorjacobsen

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Done this multiple times.  Feels so refreshing that you don't need any soap!


qgaban qgaban

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Showered under Niagara Falls with Rachel Smith and cousins

walliver walliver

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Found a perfect waterfall in the Blue Mountains, NSW. 

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