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vfletcher86 vfletcher86

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Amazing sight to see and cool to go inside one


Marcuiti Marcuiti

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I have visited the pyramidsof Chichen Itza in Mexico, there you can charge yourself energetically you can also learn about the history of Mexico and the construction of its pyramids. 

chiragm chiragm

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nutty1smrs nutty1smrs

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flitang flitang

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Went for an Egpytian holiday with Nick over the Jubilee weekend. We were lucky enough to see them without many other people around. They weren't quite what I was expecting. But then my expectations are generally different to reality! Glad I saw them- they really are huge and you wonder how they really made them. 

Ninamalina Ninamalina

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lindzrseeger lindzrseeger

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mitzy55 mitzy55

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Most amazing trip ever. 

Ashman88 Ashman88

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Travel to Egypt and see the pyramids as i my grandad said he would take me childhood dream

sammy21230 sammy21230

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I would even like to go inside them!

Shawnadea Shawnadea

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Egypt was amazing!! I cannot wait to go back there! And see all the things i missed out on seeing!

ryanalanhughes ryanalanhughes

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Surprise holiday from Amy for my 27th birthday to Egypt [email protected]

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January 2005

Nienke1996 Nienke1996

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My grandmother makes a lot of trips in her life, she's been to Madagaskar and Kenya for example, and I was offered to go with her and I could choose the destination myself. So I chose Egypt, and I dont regret it, at all. Of course there are many other countries I would have liked to visit too, but I wouldn't want to miss this experience.

We went there with a group in october 2010 and I still watch the pictures I took there and read the pages I wrote with all our experiences in detail described on it, sometimes:)

tracy.shorey.7 tracy.shorey.7

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Good experience but slightly ruined by all the people constantly harrassing you for money.

allisonrbaker allisonrbaker

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Visited Memphis, Saqqarah, and Giza.  Saw the Great Pyramid, the first and last pyramids ever built, and the sphinx.

Cairo is an insane and filthy place but I enjoyed every moment of it.

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