See the Eiffel Tower

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chellobean chellobean

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This was a lifelong goal of mine! I was SO excited to finally get to see it! My boyfriend and I went to go visit his parents, so we got to go to Paris!


hope25 hope25

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:D Better than expected! The view from our flat!


cupcakeninja cupcakeninja

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 April 2014

Klassetur med livsstil

pandapupgrl3 pandapupgrl3

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Anakat Anakat

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It was bigger than we thought!! Day Trip to Paris - 24/06/14


BojanaP BojanaP

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I saw it couple of times at night. One night we went to see from up close. We saw it flicker. It was cute. One morning we wanted to go to the second floor, but there was a really thick fog so we didn't do it. Anyway, it was cool to see the Eiffel tower.


Irod0429 Irod0429

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I got the privilege of seeing this site twice! The second time was much more special. I will never forget Paris.


3elieve221b 3elieve221b

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(Credit to the glorious internet for the picture. Couldn't find a picture from the time) This was in 2012 sometime in Summer, can't remember when. This was actually my first time abroad and was my only time abroad, even to this day! I didn't actually manage to climb the tower because the Tour de France was on at this time and they were presenting the awards up there I think but we spent a good 5 to 10 minutes on that famous grass stretch taking selfies with each other (this was a school trip). To this day, Paris is my favourite capital city because in my opinion, even though I haven't been to any others apart from London and Cardiff, I some how just know that Paris is magic. The culture there was unbeatable and the buzz from just being there was amazing. My next goal is to go back but for a longer period of time.


krh74 krh74

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Not only did I see the Eiffel Tower, I saw it five times!  Paris is breathtaking day or night!


janclaes janclaes

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 See pictures at

Saprice1 Saprice1

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I have actually done this twice and even climbed the 750 steps to the bottom. So amazing to see this iconic architecture.

jahra78402 jahra78402

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It is really beautiful there. it is also really high up...

heddaolsvik heddaolsvik

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Went to paris in '08, and it was amazing! Definately going back!


dherts dherts

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Adventuregal Adventuregal

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I've grown up with the stories that Paris is the most romantic city.. where people fall in love..

raphaeldpm raphaeldpm

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sk8r2999 sk8r2999

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I am 13 and I saw the Eiffel tower when I was about 11 years old. I was in Paris with my grandparents and my cousin for 4 days, but it was raining the entire time. We had to get these huge rain ponchos at one of the tourist places and then go on buses everywhere. When we finally arrive the line was huge! We probably would have had to stand there for hours. I was willing to do it, and so was my cousin, but my grandmother said to look at this electronic board that projected the weather and it said that it was to foggy and rainy that even if we did go to the top, we would probably not see it anyway. My cousin and I were dissapointed but we did see other parts of Paris that made the trip worthwhile.

lindsayrunk lindsayrunk

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Erin16 Erin16

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June 2013. 

Beautiful view of the city from the top! You could see the entire city!!

jburston jburston

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It was amazing. Although would have liked to have walked the effiel tower

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