See Northern Lights

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beaafernandes beaafernandes

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We always see pictures of northern lights on the internet and we always say "someday I want to see this with my days". I can say to you that seeing with my own eyes outside my window, three times in four months was more magical than I could ever imagine, and I still can't believe that I actually photograph this. [email protected]

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 The lights were not at its best but still beautiful. 

betherina betherina

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I saw the Aurora Borealis in Tromso, Norway. We did this really cool excursion where you go dog sledding through the Norsk countryside (in the dark) and then see the Aurora (weather permitting) and then sit in a Teepee eating Reindeer Stew! It truly was a magical evening (minus the fact my shoes weren't v. waterproof and my foot felt like it was going to fall off!) and I'm glad I did it in Norway too. 

meachamaudrey meachamaudrey

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 Northern Maine

killianeliz killianeliz

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 I saw the Northern Lights at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska in 2014. 

Bleu33 Bleu33

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I live in a midwestern state, and although northen lights are rare, you can sometimes see bright green streaks in the sky on clear winter nights.

areilla10 areilla10

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I grew up in a remote rural community in Ontario, so seeing the aurora borealis was pretty common.  Absolutely beautiful.  Something everyone should see at least once in their lives. 

mjbenoit mjbenoit

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Do this in the winter!!!

Asterix Asterix

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Ottawa. Probably 2000. Green Northern Lights. Lasted hours. 

arkkipiispa arkkipiispa

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I don't remember when was the first time I saw them. But living in Finland gives you a great advantage to fill this bucket. I must've been under ten year old 'cause I remeber that I was at my grannys home outside with my older brother and I think that is the first time. They don't usually show in this south so it's not everyday thing.



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