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rariasc rariasc

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I have seen volcanic lava one time, and I would like to see an active volcano.

Sno Sno

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Was one of the most active times for many years was really cool. 

catcims catcims

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 Seen it twice at the National volcano park in Hawaii. It truly is a site to see new earth being made by the earth.

MairiMairi MairiMairi

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Mount Vesuvios. Great views around the bay of Naples. Walked up path and saw Fiat Uno 4x4 transporting casualties from top. Too many twisted ankles!

Hsient Hsient

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Amazing pahoa volcano!


chelci.lindsey chelci.lindsey

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Beautiful, awe inspiring, once in a lifetime experience. The hike out to the active flow (61g before the big eruption) was difficult due to the uneven jagged lava. Son fell a few times on the way back and ended up with some silica fibers in his scrapes. Husband and I got a couple of cuts also while we were at the flow, not even noticing when they happened. There was a beautiful rainbow after a light shower while we were at the flow. The sound of the rain sizzling on the lava was what I imagine being in a grill sounds like.

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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Went to see Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland with my boyfriend (of sorts), my twin sister, and her husband while we were all on vacation there. We actually hiked up it. It was really cold at first, but then, we are in Iceland. The sights up there was breathtaking, I definitely want to hike up more volcanoes in the future.




bernardinecabildo bernardinecabildo

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 I saw the volcano Mayon in the Philippines

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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The first active volcano my family and I saw was on the island of St. Lucia, West Indies; and, the second was the volcano at the southern end of Ha'waii, the latter was on December 9, 2011. 

chemical_elli chemical_elli

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we made a vulcano tour in indonesia. starting from krakatau to galunggung, papandayan, merapi, bromo and ijen.

GFernández GFernández

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 I went with my mom and bf to see the lava lagoon of the "Volcán Masaya". We waited almost an hour and a half just to enter but it was so worth it! It is AMAZING!!!! 

simon8ball simon8ball

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And cooked sausages and marshmallows

AlfieRC AlfieRC

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 Whilt we were in Iceland, we had the amazing opportunity to drive across a lava field and watch the sun rise over Hengill volcano as it erupted. We also got to see Eyjafjallajokull.

wanderlustbecky wanderlustbecky

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jbower54 jbower54

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Big Island Hawaii with my son


Linoblockartist Linoblockartist

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 Kiluaea, HI 

xjemrose xjemrose

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My trip around Asia #2010

jonpauwels jonpauwels

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 I've been on the slopes of Mt. Merapi, Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Semeru, Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, inside the Kawah putih crater, on top of Mt. Bromo, on the slopes of Gunung Agung, in the crater of Mt. Batur,... been there, done that !

namrata.mayur.patel namrata.mayur.patel

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Costa Rica!


sarah.gow.1 sarah.gow.1

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Costa Rica


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