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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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 I have seen at least three Cirque de Soleil shows in my life time so far. Each just as mystical as the next. This picture is of my grandpa and I at the Varekai show in 2014. The acrobatics were stunning but every time I never quite understood the story line. Maybe I'm just not cultured enough. Either way I always have an amazing time especially seeing the beautiful shows with my loved ones. 

Jen__ Jen__

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 In Vegas. Fab!

nabuenoo nabuenoo

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Saltimbanco! :)

jadelouise1 jadelouise1

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gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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It was the first time Cirque du Soleil was in Colombia. Couldn't miss the opportunity to see one of the best shows in the world.

Vness12 Vness12

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My first time watching this show. I do recommend it highly is the best show so far. Loved it.

chaba.kayi chaba.kayi

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I worked for them in Europe in 2006. Yep that's me.

namanjain63 namanjain63

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Saw Zaia, A Cirque de Soleil presentation, at The Venetian, Macau. In

Sam101 Sam101

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Amazing was show for a free in the park in.


Kementari Kementari

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  1. Saw Zumanity in Las Vegas at New York, New York Hotel with a couple of friends. Was my first Cirque du Soleil show. The show explores humanity and the expression of our sexual instincts. It was AMAZING!!! Highly recommend it.
  2. Saw Totem when it toured in Canada. This show is an artistic interpretation of human evolution. Went with my family and it was their first Cirque du Soleil show, and we were all in awe!
  3. Saw Amaluna when it toured in Canada. This show features a love story and themes regarding love. Went with my boyfriend for our anniversary. When we entered the tent, the usher upgraded our seats so that we were closer. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

travelcenter4u travelcenter4u

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 Loved Zarkana!  Definitely a must-see while it's still around. 

anna.deschutter anna.deschutter

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Saw both Varekai and Amaluna, both worth the hefty price... [email protected]

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KÀ explores love and conflict through an adventurous journey in ever-changing theatrical landscapes that conjure an entire empire on stage.


Mystère is a classic Cirque du Soleil production that combines high-energy acrobatics and dramatic dance with vibrant costumes and sets.

snwsandy snwsandy

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 I've seen many of these:  Zarkana, Ka, O, Mystere, Michael Jackson One, Quidam, Varakei.  Next is Kurios.

holley4734 holley4734

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 We went to see the Criss Angel and Cirque de Soleil show, Believe. We walked many, many blocks. I'm not sure why . . . we probably could've taken a shuttle or a bus. Anway, the show was awesome and worth the long walk. 

lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Saw Cirque De Soleil "Kurios" with David, In Toronto. It was a good for acrobatic, dancing, visual side, but I like people sticking there heads in lions mouths. My circus style is a little more dangerous.

Geekybug Geekybug

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Amazing!!! Watched the mystere show

kenny.hernandez.54772 kenny.hernandez.54772

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Un espectáculo que te deja sin palabras !!!

Maryvyl Maryvyl

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Our first Cirque was actually a long time ago but this one that we saw at Macau is truly remarkable! 

shel.j.clark shel.j.clark

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 So much fun!! I've also seen a show in Columbus Ohio, Delirium. Awesome!

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